Wrapping & Packaging

Regardless of which packaging you choose, or even without packaging, Our WJPC team recommends that you choose a protective wrapping and boxing material on the outermost part of the product to prevent it from wear and tear, scratches, moisture, dust, etc. during transit.


1. Shrink-wrapped

Shrink wrapping is one of the most basic plastic protective film. It is transparent and clear, with good shrinkage and sealing.

It not only protects the card or box well from scratches, but also has a standard degree of water and dust resistance. We provide shrink wrapping for all our products for free.

Shrink-wrapped - Wrapping and Boxing

2. Cello-wrapped

Cello wrapping has the same quality as shrink wrapping, but it uses cello “closing” folds at the openings on both ends to make it easier to unwrap and give a more premium feel like hand wrapping.

What’s more, it has a tear tape around the inside of the shrink wrapping, which not only makes it easier to tear open the package, but also can add anti-counterfeiting design to the tape.

We recommend that you at least wrap your card boxes for better protection; or if you are more serious, use wrapping for both cards and boxes.

We use an automated wrapping machine for the wrapping process. The machine first wraps the deck or box in plastic film, then uses heavy-duty clamps to seal it and create a straight seam line. Finally, the film is heated to release cold air through small holes, making it shrink and tightly wrap around the deck or box.

cards wrapping
Cards wrapping
wrapping process
Box wrapping

3. Kraft paper sleeve

If you’re an environmentalist, this Kraft paper sleeve may be your best choice. It is made from high quality Kraft paper, which is not only lightweight and durable, but also recyclable and reusable. They are mini and compact, and can be easily removed while perfectly securing the card packaging.

However, because they are not completely wrapped, your products may be at risk of being scratched, wet, and soiled in transit.

Kraft paper sleeve


1. Inner box

Using inner boxes can improve the stability and drop resistance of the products. We generally recommend 10 to 15 decks for a box, and offer three forms: common inner boxes, WJPC inner boxes and custom inner boxes. It is one of the best ways to protect your product, do retail distribution, and show off your quality. However, it will also increase your cost.

Common inner box

Blank inner box

WJPC Logo inner box

WJPC inner box

2. Outer box

Usually, our common outer boxing contains a box + several dividers + box mark + sealing tapes + strapping and other items, which are described as follows:

First of all, we use high quality and export standard K=K carton. At present, the common material specifications of cartons are: A=A, A=B and K=K. Among them, A,B,K represent the paper, the middle symbol represents the number of layers of cardboard. k paper (K=250gsm) is the best paper, K=K represents the use of K paper as the surface paper and lining paper, and there are five layers of cardboard.

Outer box layer
Outer box layers

Between each layer of card decks, we will put cardboard for top and bottom separation. Generally the weight of each box will be less than 12KG, we suggest about 10KG. The specific number of cards per box is based on the size and number of cards in each deck. Here are some of the standard carton sizes we commonly use:

No.MaterialSize (Outer diameter)Volume
A1K=K34.5×19.5x21cm63x88mm, 100 decks
A2K=K37.5×34.5x21cm63x88mm, 200 decks
B1K=K32×19.5x21cm57x87mm, 100 decks
B2K=K37.5x32x21cm57x87mm, 200 decks

If there is no special requirement, we will print the standard box mark with WJPC logo on the outer box, which contains the name of the products contained, quantity, carton size, customer, shipping port, box number, quantity, origin, etc. You can also choose to customize the box mark or use the sticker form to paste the box mark on the box, which will also increase your cost. Please consult us for more information.

sticker box mark
Sticker box mark

After then, we use the standard H tapping method to seal the box, and then use plastic plastic ties to cross-strap. You are free to choose the method and amount of tapping and strapping to achieve an efficient seal and excellent crack resistance.

H-tap method
H-tap method
Cross strapping

If you need customized inner and outer box packaging or more boxing options, please contact us.

Note: We cannot be responsible for any damage that occurs during shipping. Therefore, please check the condition of your goods the first time when they arrive. If the goods are damaged in transit, please negotiate and compensate with the freight company before confirming receipt, and take photos to leave evidence. Otherwise, the claim after confirming receipt may be invalid.

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