The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot: Unveiling Destiny And Embracing Change

Following the introspective Hermit (card number 9), the Wheel of Fortune (number 10) marks a dramatic shift. Secrecy gives way to revelation, and the pinnacle of single digits (9) yields to the cyclical nature of 0.

The Wheel itself embodies this concept. Circular and limitless, it reflects the unending flow of life. As the central card of the Major Arcana’s 22 cards, it represents the transformative force that shapes our destinies.

What Does The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Mean?


Origins and Symbolism

The Wheel’s name originates from Vortumna, the Etruscan goddess of fate. Her Latin title translates to “she who turns the wheel of the year,” signifying her dominion over time and existence’s cycles.

The prominent wheel itself signifies both an ending and a beginning. Number 10 marks the completion of the single-digit journey (1-9) and the start of a new chapter in double digits.

The Four Creatures and the Guardians

The card’s four corners feature creatures representing the elements: eagle (air), lion (fire), ox (earth), and human (water). These beings symbolize stability amidst change, their wings allowing them to navigate the ever-turning wheel.

Above the wheel stands the sphinx, representing Horus, the Egyptian god of rebirth, signifying order and protection. Below, a battle wages between opposing forces. The descending serpent embodies Typhon, the destructive god, while Anubis, the bringer of new life, pushes the wheel upward.

This imagery highlights the constant tension between destruction and creation, with the central guardian ensuring balance amidst the chaos.

Divine and Alchemical Influences

The Hebrew letters around the wheel spell YHVH, the name of God, signifying the divine influence over fate. Within the wheel, alchemical symbols represent the body (salt), soul (sulfur), and spirit (mercury) – the Alchemical Holy Triune.

Their presence, along with the “solution” symbol below, emphasizes the integration of body, mind, and spirit. The Wheel of Fortune thus becomes a microcosm of the natural laws governing all existence.

The Ever-Turning Wheel and the Flow of Life

The inscription “TARO” on the wheel echoes the same on the Priestess’s book, signifying the cyclical nature of destiny, truth, and life itself. The constant spin of the wheel represents the ever-present potential for both growth and decline, reminding us of the impermanence of all things.

A Catalyst for Change

The Wheel of Fortune marks the transition from individual journeys to broader, external forces shaping our lives. It’s a reminder that true transformation begins with accepting the cycles of life and adapting to ride the ever-turning wheel.

The Upright Wheel Of Fortune: A Guide To Interpretation

The Wheel of Fortune can be a powerful card in a tarot reading, but its lack of human figures can sometimes lead to confusion. Don’t worry, its meaning is actually quite clear!


Embracing the Flow

The Wheel represents those who go with the flow of life, adapting to changing circumstances without getting bogged down in overthinking. They trust in fate and destiny, accepting life’s ups and downs with a positive outlook. These individuals often possess wisdom gained from experience, and a strong foundation in relationships helps them navigate life’s turns.

Love and Relationships

The Wheel of Fortune in love signifies fated encounters, new beginnings, and sudden connections. It’s a time for romance and exploration, making it a good time for dating or marriage. However, if your current relationship isn’t fulfilling, the Wheel encourages open communication and growth. If you can’t find common ground, it may be time to move on and seek a more compatible partner.

Wealth and Career

Financially, the Wheel suggests unexpected gains or a sudden boost in income. Be prepared to adapt to this change, perhaps by reevaluating your investments and considering new opportunities. It’s a good time to pursue ventures aligned with your passions, or even start your own business. Remember, the key is to remain flexible and adaptable.

Social Connections

The Wheel encourages you to build strong social connections and seek guidance from influential figures. Adapting to your environment and fostering positive relationships will benefit you greatly.


The Wheel signifies positive changes and unexpected good news in your career. Stay flexible and open to new possibilities. Collaboration with others can lead to advancements and promotions. Be prepared to adjust your course as new opportunities arise.

By embracing the ever-turning Wheel of Fortune, you can navigate life’s inevitable changes and find success in love, wealth, and career.

The Reversed Wheel Of Fortune: A Call For Adaptation

The reversed Wheel of Fortune can be a unsettling card, suggesting unexpected challenges and a sense of being stuck. But fear not! It’s actually a time for reflection and growth.


Embrace the Change

Instead of resisting the inevitable changes, view them as a chance to learn and grow. Think of it as a turning point, an opportunity to shed the unnecessary and embrace the new.

Letting Go

Just like the Hermit card that precedes it, the reversed Wheel asks you to consider what aspects of your life are holding you back. Maybe it’s a toxic relationship, a dead-end job, or simply outdated habits. Releasing these burdens will create space for a brighter future.

Love and Relationships

In love, the reversed Wheel might indicate a communication breakdown in your relationship. The spark has faded, replaced by routine and a lack of emotional connection. This could lead to a break-up, leaving you with lingering pain. Remember, though, that letting go allows you to open yourself to a more fulfilling love story.

Wealth and Career

Financially, the reversed Wheel can warn of unexpected losses, bad investments, or a general financial crisis. Be prepared for setbacks and re-evaluate your financial strategy.

Similarly, at work, you might face misunderstandings with colleagues or unexpected roadblocks hindering your progress. This may necessitate a change in plans or even a fresh start in a new work environment.

The Key Takeaway

The reversed Wheel of Fortune isn’t a curse, but a call for adaptation. By embracing change, letting go of the past, and remaining flexible, you can navigate these challenges and emerge stronger on the other side.