Virgo Tarot Card: That Office Chick Who Overanalyzes Everything

Virgo is one of the most interesting zodiac signs owing to her mutable modality. Its ruling planet is Mercury, and this overthinking sign approaches any situation with great attention.

Virgo season starts around August 22 and lasts until September 21. Since September represents “harvest”, the Virgo tarot card is closely linked to the richness and material possessions.

What Is Virgo Tarot Card?

Although Virgo’s symbol is a Virgin maiden, Virgo is far from being an innocent girl. In the ancient Sumerian & Babylonian Empires, temple prostitutes were seen as “servers” to society, and these women were treated with deep respect.

Later when Christianity emerged, people misinterpreted the situation of temple women and glorified them as holy people. Even though Virgo is not a maiden, it was understood differently, and this ambiguity can be sensed in tarot cards as well.

Furthermore, Virgo is traditionally associated with the 6th house which is the house of responsibilities, habits, chores, pets, and health ailments. If you are a Virgo Sun, or someone with multiple planetary placements in Virgo, then you may appear to others very hardworking, analytical, and even pedantic.

You can meet a Virgo anytime, but we come across them mostly in the finance department, as personal assistants, or as data analysts. By virtue of their picky diet, they would make great nutritionists too!

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What Tarot Card Represents Virgo?

Virgo loves a small circle and chooses to work alone most of the time. Then you may ask, what tarot card represents Virgo? Well, it’s The Hermit tarot card! This card signifies an epoch of solitude.

Now is the time to go into the cave and quiet the mind and find the solutions you’re seeking. Most people see this card as negative but it’s actually positive. It is the card of embracing the solitude without fear and finding the peace within.

The Hermit is one of the most important cards in Major Arcana, and it points out your lack of introspection. Your angels and guides are waiting you to step in. What you think as isolation is a great time to soul search and discover your spiritual powers. Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember that enlightenment is just one step away from you.

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In a business tarot card reading for Virgo, the Hermit signifies a period of withdrawal. You might be working in an environment where you feel unsupported and alone. Anxiety and fear may spiral up in a such case.

Going on a solo vacation in the mountains to find insight can be extremely helpful. Just make sure to revisit your habits that got you to this point (and release the useless ones!).

Another Virgo corresponding tarot card is the Page of Coins. This card illustrates a novice who’s not getting along with money well. There is great potential for abundance, but the person can be too immature to handle their finances.

Page of Coins is a promising card if you are about to start a new job. You have a financial opportunity that you can take advantage of, therefore, spend your time mastering the skills and aim for long-term achievements. You must take more responsibility to achieve your goals.

We all know that Virgo approaches life from a practical lens, right? Well, this theme is neatly illustrated in Four of Coins. This card demonstrates a man who is holding too tightly to his possessions & material assets.

Instead of keeping the flow going, he seeks stability and pushes the limits of frugality. Fear of loss can lead to hoarding, but you should treat yourself and enjoy your money as well.

In a business reading, this card can indicate an establishment of a solid foundation that will pay off. Thus, placing the business at your life’s center is a good idea at the moment.

But please ensure that spiritual activities are also in your life, so it’s not all about money. In a love reading, Four of Coins would symbolize a thrifty partner or a financial disagreement between partners.

Tarot cards for Virgo symbolize not only frugality but also the opposite end: Material losses. There are numerous tarot cards associated with Virgo, but the saddest one of all is undisputedly Five of Coins.

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This card shows the obstacles and challenges not only in finances but also in health matters. You may feel abandoned by God, suffering from lack of resources and striving with very little result. Okay, there might be some financial losses, but try to keep your chin up. This difficult period will pass as long as you take heed of the lessons.

Five of Coins can be an indication of unemployment or simply a hardship in your work affairs. There might be a feeling of scarcity or feeling alone in your work environment. This is a good time to turn within and practice Virgo’s solitude.

Since this card is related to poverty and abandonment, it is not a good time to start a relationship. Heal your financial wounds before attracting a partner.

Last but not least, for today’s free tarot card reading for Virgo, we have Six of Coins. This card exhibits a time of more financial stability following the survival of Five of Coins.

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After much destitute, now you have enough money to share with others, and they will gracefully take your help. You may not be a millionaire, but you are earning good, and satisfied with the results.

This card suggests a period of steady employment where you feel rewarded justly for your efforts. It may not be your dream job, but it’s paying the bills. Six of Coins can signify a good time to invest in sound investments (not big risks) that yield steady profits.

This card gets very interesting when it comes to love. It can suggest a situation where one person is more domineering with money and uses his financial power to turn the situation in his favor. On another level, the recipient of the financial aid may enjoy the feeling of stability and being taken care of in this relationship.