Trading Card Review: Three Kingdoms Kill Collection Cards 2020

Three Kingdoms Kill, a tabletop trading card game rooted in the historical context of the Three Kingdoms, offers players the opportunity to embody diverse heroes from that era, exploring a plethora of strategies and skills in thrilling battles.

The focus of this review is on the Three Kingdoms Kill Collector’s Edition card set, released in 2020 and printed by WJPC. Crafted as a high-end product tailored for collectors and enthusiasts, this edition boasts exceptional features in terms of game materials, card designs, and craftsmanship.

Three Kingdoms Kill Collector's Edition

TCG Materials of Three Kingdoms Kill

The collectible value of the Three Kingdoms Kill game extends to its meticulously chosen game materials. These materials are thoughtfully selected and designed to ensure not only the smoothness and durability of the gameplay, but also to elevate the overall aesthetic and sophistication of the gaming experience.

Card Game Box

Crafted with a high-grade clamshell rigid box, the box material comprises 1200g gray cardboard lining and 157g art paper covering. The surface features varnish, and the prominent LOGO is hot laser gold stamped. With dimensions of 250*180*60 mm and a weight of 1.2 kg, the storage box is robust and durable, boasting a stunning appearance. The eye-catching LOGO hot stamping effect imparts a luxurious, high-end feel.

Three Kingdoms Kill Card Game Box

Game Cards

Utilizing 350g laser-coated paper, the cards come in two sizes: regular cards measuring 63*88 mm (totaling 138 cards) and special cards measuring 40*40 mm (totaling 2 cards). The card set includes 54 prop cards, 6 identity cards, 7 health cards, 71 hero cards, and 2 status cards. The card material is thick, providing a comfortable tactile experience while being resistant to wear and deformation.

Three Kingdoms Kill Game Cards

TCG Designs of Three Kingdoms Kill

The card set showcases distinctive card patterns with a unique style. Embracing the traditional Chinese ink painting technique, it vividly portrays the images and personalities of the Three Kingdoms heroes while also embodying the essence of Chinese culture, exuding charm and cultural heritage.

TCG Designs of Three Kingdoms Kill

Prop Cards

Prop cards encompass basic, kit, and equipment categories. Basic cards feature actions like kill and flash, kit cards include abilities such as creation out of nothing, while equipment cards encompass items like Bagua array.

The patterns on these cards are crafted using ink painting techniques, boasting simple colors, smooth lines, and dynamic variations. This artistic approach effectively accentuates the functionalities and effects of the props.

Identity Cards

The identity card design is categorized into roles such as lord, loyal minister, rebel, and traitor. Each role features a representative hero from the Three Kingdoms as its distinctive pattern. For instance, Cao Cao embodies the lord, Zhao Yun personifies the loyal minister, Sun Ce represents the rebel, and Zhou Yu stands as the traitor. These heroes are depicted with unique expressions and postures, effectively conveying their individual characters and allegiances.

Blood Cards

The blood card features a red heart pattern, symbolizing the character’s life. Each character’s blood varies, ranging from 1 to 5. The design of the blood card adopts an irregular heart-shaped outline that exudes a flowing sensation, effectively conveying the delicate and precious nature of life.

Hero Cards

The hero card features the bust of each Three Kingdoms hero, showcasing their individual names, power, skills, and life points. The lifelike depiction of the heroes’ faces and costumes captures their unique style and formidable presence.

Status Cards

The status card displays two distinct symbols, namely “horizontal” and “vertical,” representing the character’s current orientation. The horizontal state signifies that the character has played a card, while the vertical state indicates that the character has yet to play any cards. The simple shapes of the symbols on the status cards facilitate clear differentiation between the characters’ statuses.

TCG Finishes of Three Kingdoms Kill

This card collection exhibits distinctive creativity and design in employing holographic film and UV printing technology enhances the card surface, creating a dazzling luster and a captivating three-dimensional effect.

Holographic Film

The use of holographic film, a specialized material reflecting vibrant light, imparts a mesmerizing array of colors to the card surface, ensuring it catches the eye. These cards’ firms employ a light beam pattern, appearing as if illuminated directly by various flashlights when viewed with the naked eye.

Three Kingdoms Kill holographic film

UV Printing

UV printing, a technology utilizing ultraviolet curing ink, imparts a three-dimensional effect to the card surface, enhancing both its texture and recognition. These card faces incorporate UV printing to elevate the text and patterns on the card’s front, creating a raised tactile sensation. This deliberate contrast with the card’s back facilitates easy differentiation for players, allowing them to better discern the details of the cards.

Three Kingdoms Kill uv printing

In summary, the Three Kingdoms Kill Collection Cards 2020 stand out as a premium product, deserving both collection and play. With distinctive features and advantages in game materials, card designs, and craftsmanship, this collection promises players a unique gaming experience and visual delight.

Beyond the application of the light beam film, we offer an array of holographic film patterns including plain, diamond, glass, and more. These diverse options can cater to your various customization needs for designing trading cards.