Taurus Tarot Card: Master of All Pleasures and Money

What Is Taurus Tarot Card?

Taurus tarot card is a sensual earth sign and is directly related to the 5 senses & pleasures of humankind. Its energy is very stubborn, affectionate, and steady. 

Taurus is symbolized as a bull from which civilization emerged. Agriculture flourished and birthrate skyrocketed thanks to the blessings of the bull. Taurus fed people, gave them a cozy shelter, and even spoiled the smart ones with nature’s beauties.

Taurus is a fixed zodiac sign ruled by 2 planets: Moon and Venus. Both are feminine planets that make Taurus a very fertile, generous, and loving sign. Taurus rules the 2nd house in astrology, and it is the house of earned income, talents, and senses. 

As a result, ancient astrologers associated the sign of Taurus with artists, musicians, and merchants. However, that is not all. This sensitive sign can also be a devout believer or a philanthropic religious patron known in certain circles.

What Tarot Card Represents Taurus?

Well, the question arises: What tarot card represents Taurus? There are numerous Taurus tarot cards, especially in the suit of pentacles. Let’s start our tarot card reading for Taurus from Major Arcana, with The Hierophant tarot card.

what tarot card represents taurus

The Hierophant is one of the most traditional cards of tarot, and it actually refers to the Pope. This is the card of wisdom and spiritual insights. It can suggest a time for you to seek a spiritual teacher, books, or courses that’ll help open up your spiritual wisdom.

If you are seeking a solution, then you’ll find them through the spiritual realm. For the next 3 weeks, you may find yourself bowing to a higher authority, but be careful not to give too much power away.

For the future of your business, ask guidance from the universe to lead you to the right teacher, book, and courses to appear. One of the shortcomings of Taurus is having tunnel vision, therefore, resist the urge to be narrow-minded and think outside the box.

In a love reading, The Hierophant refers to a partner who teaches you great financial wisdom. Remember to stay true to the real you and don’t sacrifice everything. Taurus is inherently openhanded, therefore, this partner might be financially supportive of your situation.

Another tarot card for Taurus is Seven of Pentacles, and it represents a time of patience in your material affairs. It says don’t give up (like all 7s do) and put just a little aside for your spending. 

Seven of Pentacles tells you to pause and reflect on what has worked for you and what could have been done differently. Follow its advice, continue to save and invest, and do not rush.

tarot card for taurus

If you were wondering if should you leave this job, the answer would be “No, it is a good time to stick with your current job and save some money”.

Let’s move on to the Eight of Pentacles: It is a very positive card as you enter the world of the master craftsman! This card suggests that you will continue to grow and move forward in all your financial and business affairs, and it can also indicate a strong sense of “belonging” to your profession.

You are working in a job where you are using all your skills gained over the years and becoming successful in your field. This is one of the most fortunate cards to receive around a career! 

It tells you that now you can afford to follow your passion and build it into something that will provide for you. If you are stepping into a new career, know that you’ll use your talents from your prior job.

In love, there’ll be a financial commitment to a relationship. You will have the money to do what you need to move forward such as buying a house. 

For singles, Eight of Pentacles denotes a time when you are focusing on your life purpose and tapping into that to earn income – which will benefit you a little bit more until you find the right person.

Nine of Pentacles is a wonderful representation of material harvest! This card indicates financial stability and more- finally, you’ll be able to enjoy your money. Your hard work and efforts paid off (so, not necessarily inheritance or lottery).

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In business, Nine of Pentacles is a very prosperous card to pick, simply because your story has a good end. Continue to exercise self-discipline and plan wise ways to help your wealth/ business grow. 

If you are asked the cards: “Should I get this job?” or “Should I invest in this?”, Your answer is a giant YES! If this card comes in your reading, then consider yourself absolutely lucky.

In Love, Nine of Pentacles shows that both parties are free to pursue their personal goals without money problems. This card ensures that there is security and stability, and both of you are happy.

The last Taurus tarot card is Knight of Pentacles. This court card symbolizes a person who got his eye on the financial ball. You are building your career and that’s the main focus at the moment. The road is smooth, and you are moving along quite nicely.

Knight of Pentacles may not be the most creative knight, but for sure it is the most stubborn and diligent one. Knight of Pentacles commits to a project without nagging, and he’ll stick with it until he sees the results. 

Therefore, take this card as a good omen in your business reading because it foretells financial opportunities. For example, someone may offer you something that is going to help build your empire and their empire. This is a win-win situation that is beneficial for both parties.

If the context is around love, your lover (knight) is a person interested in creating a stable home environment. Sometimes he/she might be a bit boring and may forget to pay proper attention, but this is because they are more focused on financial security than romance at this time. Kindly realize that he/she may not be ready for a relationship or marriage until they secure their finances.