16 Most Frequently Asked Questions In Tarot Readings

Tarot cards have been around since the 14th century and have always been shrouded in a veil of mystery. With the development and sophistication of society, more and more people, seeking spiritual support and strength. 

If you are new to Tarot, you may encounter many tarot questions. Here are the answers to the 16 most frequently asked tarot card reading questions for you.

16 Tarot Questions To Ask

Q1 Are there any other uses for Tarot cards besides divination?

The tarot card itself is just a printed product with patterns and does not have any curse or witchcraft. 

Even if you do not agree with those tarot card meanings or concepts, or do not think it can help you understand yourself, you can still use it to play games (especially in Italy where it is still one of the card games) or as an art collection.

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Q2 What is a card opening ceremony?

When a new set of tarot cards reaches the reader, some people will choose to bless the new cards before using them. This is like writing your name on a newly purchased book to connect yourself with the new cards. 

The opening ceremony is very personal and can be as simple as a few words of thanks and a prayer, or the use of items representing the four elements. Then, just do it at the decided time and direction. If you don’t want to perform the opening ceremony, there is no problem.

Q3 Does every tarot card deck have a “personality”?

Some people feel that each set of tarot cards has a different “personality”, for example, this set is very frank and straightforward, while the other set is subtle.

This has to do with the fact that different patterns bring different psychological impacts. Tarot cards from different authors are certainly different in terms of the level of expression and the tone of speech they exude. 

When an interpreter goes to you with different cards, you are bound to encounter different tones and personalities, just as if you were talking to a different friend. Therefore, each tarot deck has a “personality” according to the author’s own creative intent and the way he or she expresses the content.

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Q4 Is it true that beds and floors cannot read tarot cards?

Actually, as long as your reading space is solid, flat clean, and covered with a tablecloth that highlights the card pattern (e.g., net black), you can read the cards from any position, including the bed and the floor, of course. In addition:

  • A space that is larger can easily list bigger card formations.
  • A space with sufficient light is good for reading the patterns on the cards or writing notes to record them.
  • If you are outdoors and cannot avoid natural wind or other distractions, you can use small rocks, mangles, etc. (they are items that do not catch the eye) to hold down the cards.

Q5 Can’t read tarot cards at 0:00?

There is a saying that 0:00 is the time of the day when the sun’s energy is weakest and reading tarot cards at this time will bring misfortune.

For people who work from 9 to 5, 0:00 is probably the time to prepare for rest. However, there are many people who are used to working late at night, believing that the clarity of the evening is better for thinking.

Therefore, the time indicator on the clock is not the most important. When it is appropriate to read the cards or depends on your physical and mental condition at the time. 

If you are in a state of fatigue or discomfort, or even after drinking, it is best to rest first and stay to recover your spirit before reading the cards.

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Q6 Is it okay to ask for tarot cards for someone?

The premise of this question is that you have to respect someone’s privacy and free will. If the person is averse to the Tarot, or if you do not have a close relationship with the person (for example, the person does not actually know you), it should not be possible for you to get an objective answer. 

The intuition you receive from the tarot cards belongs to you, and the closeness of your relationship with the other person and the frequency of communication will affect the result of the reading. 

Q7 Can I touch the reader’s cards?

The decision of whether you can touch the reader’s tarot cards when asking and shuffling is entirely up to the reader. The reader may invite you to shuffle or cut the cards together, but may not, however, this does not affect the outcome of the reading.

If you really want to choose your own cards, ask your reader first and get permission. If you do not have a face-to-face meeting with the reader and do not wish to give your birthday date, you can choose a number from 1-78 and have the reader pick the card for you.

Q8 Are there taboos for tarot readers?

For tarot readers, there are more taboos than for those who ask. For example:

  • Always keep a secret and do not give out the pseudonym of the person asking, because you will never know if they have asked the same question to other readers at the same time.
  • Never give overly categorical explanations or interpret the results as fatalistic, because this will not only not help solve the problem, but will also cause unnecessary distress and panic to the person.
  • Do not make decisions for the inquirer, because the responsibility and decision belong to them, and the free will of the other party should be respected.

Q9 Do Tarot cards absorb emotional energy?

Spiritual/psychic cleansing is a part of spiritual healing. Cleansing the energy of the surroundings and the object can have a positive effect on the person in the space and the owner, and can help to increase one’s sensitivity to the cards. 

For those who do not believe in supernatural or psychic powers, there may be no scientific basis for the cards to absorb emotional energy. The ritual, so to speak, is made more for your psychological senses.

The tarot card is a printed deck of cards, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will “eat” the energy. To put it another way, you have the ability not to let the tarot cards influence you, which is a rare thing, isn’t it?

Q10 Can I transfer a used tarot card to another reader?

If your tarot is not missing or damaged in quantity, of course you can. But It is important that old tarot cards should be cleaned before use. The cards after cleansing can be used with or without a blessing as you like. 

If there is no one to receive your old tarot card deck, consider keeping it as a souvenir, even if you want to throw it away, it will not be cursed.

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Q11 Is it necessary that the person who opens the tarot cards for the first time is only myself?

Some people are afraid that if someone else touches their tarot cards first, the cards will be tainted with other people’s spiritual power, and will not be purely their own.

But before you get the tarot deck, the printer, the salesman in the store, even the shopper, etc., have touched the cards before you! So there is no basis for this argument.

Q12 Will I be tired after tarot divination?

There is a legend in Tarot that if you feel tired after reading tarot cards, it is because you have “given your power to the devil”. However, this is just a rumor.

It is only because you have to concentrate very hard on the process, and it usually takes half an hour or even an hour or more to read the tarot cards, so it is natural to be tired.

Q13 Can I only divine one tarot card question a day?

The answer to this question is no, of course. If you have enough energy and time, it doesn’t matter if you can do a hundred problems a day (but you will be exhausted at the end).

Q14 Can a tarot question be divined only once?

This question should be heard by many people, and you probably know the answer is “YES”. 

Some people say that it is because you have to believe in tarot cards to get the most correct answer, otherwise, the answer will be wrong if you keep divining, and sometimes it will bring bad luck.

In fact, logically speaking, this question is reasonable (except for the part of incurring bad luck). Please think about this question first: “What do you want from a tarot reading?”

If you want the real situation as well as assistance, the first divination will tell the story, so why do you need a second one? If you ask for the same answer as you hope, then why bother with divination, why not just imagine it yourself?

However, if the problem has changed dramatically, of course, it is possible to divine a second time, otherwise, it is generally “unnecessary” to divine more than two times!

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Q15 Which tarot cards are yes or no?

This is one of the lesser-used tarot formations. You need to use 1 Nine of Cups and 4 Ace cards from the Minor Arcana, and 22 Major Arcana.

If any of the Minor Arcana aces appear, it means you must adjust your actions or wait for the timing; if the Nine of Cups appears, it means a clear “yes”; if the Major Arcana card appears, it means:

  • The Fool, Magician, Empire, Emperor, Chariot, Justice, Star, Sun, or World, represents a clear “yes”.
  • The High Priestess, Wheel of Fortune, Lover, Hierophant, Moon, or Judgement, depending on the reader’s intuition to answer “yes” or “no”
  • The Strength, Tower, Temperance, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, and Devil, represent a clear “no”.

Q16 What are the best questions to ask in tarot readings?

Open-ended questions are the best type of questions to ask in a Tarot reading. For example:

  • How can I improve my relationship with my mother?
  • What is my current state of love?
  • What is coming up in my future career?

Expressing questions in this way provides the tarot decks with the opportunity to share unexpected information that may be useful, such as pointing out key players in a situation, emotions that may be hiding beneath the surface, or limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

In addition, an open-ended question doesn’t mean it can’t be detailed. If necessary, you can include specific details such as names, locations, and dates in the question.