The Sun Tarot Zodiac Sign: Understanding Its Astrological Connections


The Sun card in the Tarot deck is a symbol of joy, success, and positivity. It represents a time of happiness, enlightenment, and clarity, often suggesting a favorable outcome for the seeker’s inquiries.

In the realm of astrology, the Sun is equally significant as it governs the zodiac sign Leo, a sign known for its exuberance, generosity, and leadership qualities. Just as the Sun is the center of the solar system, Leo’s are often found at the center of their social circles, radiating confidence and warmth.

Understanding the connection between the Sun Tarot card and the zodiac sign of Leo can provide deeper insight into the individual’s life journey. The Sun’s energy, when aligned with Leo’s fiery nature, amplifies the traits of strength, courage, and individuality.

This combination indicates a period of great personal power and the ability to shine brightly in various aspects of life, from personal relationships to career achievements.

In Tarot readings, the appearance of the Sun card suggests a period of clarity and a break from the challenges faced in the querent’s life. This card encourages embracing one’s personal power and radiating that confidence to achieve goals and inspire others.

Similarly, when an astrological analysis reveals the influence of the Sun in a personal chart, particularly in Leo, it may indicate a time to step into a leadership role and take bold actions guided by self-assuredness and the innate desire to spread generosity and joy.

The Sun Tarot Card Overview

The Sun tarot card is often associated with positivity and success. It stands as the nineteenth card in the Major Arcana of traditional tarot decks. The imagery typically depicts a radiant sun shining in the sky, often accompanied by a child or individual on horseback, symbolizing innocence and joy.

Key Aspects:

  • Optimism: It embodies the essence of optimism and vitality.
  • Success: The card signifies favorable outcomes and achievements.
  • Clarity: It suggests a period of clear understanding and awareness.

In tarot readings, the Sun card’s appearance is indicative of:

  • New beginnings
  • Personal growth

Astrological Association: The Sun card is linked to the zodiac sign Leo. This connection highlights:

  • Strong self-expression
  • Generosity
  • Leadership qualities

When drawn in a spread, individuals can interpret its presence as:

  1. A sign of good fortune
  2. A reminder to embrace positivity
  3. An encouragement to share their light with others

The Sun card’s upright position signals:

  • Success: Attainment of goals
  • Joy: A time of happiness and fulfillment

In contrast, if the card is in the reversed position, it warns against:

  • Misperceptions
  • Temporary setbacks

One’s interpretation should consider the card’s context within the spread, as it interacts with the surrounding cards, either enhancing their meanings or providing a unique perspective. The Sun tarot card, in essence, is a beacon, guiding individuals toward a brighter path amidst life’s uncertainties.

Astrological Associations of The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot card holds significant connections with specific astrological counterparts. This card’s astrological elements offer deeper insight into its symbolic meanings within tarot readings.

Zodiac Sign Correspondence

The Sun Tarot card is closely aligned with the zodiac sign Leo. Leo, a sign epitomized by its boldness and vibrance, is symbolized by the lion, which represents strength, courage, and the dynamic presence of the sun.

Planetary Influences

The Sun: As the planetary ruler of Leo, the Sun exerts its influence on this tarot card, emphasizing vitality, success, and clarity.

Elemental Connection

Fire: The elemental connection of The Sun Tarot card is with Fire, which signifies energy, passion, and creativity, resonating with the radiant and life-giving force of the sun itself.

Symbolism in The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot Card is steeped in rich symbolism, where each element—from colors to figures—holds a specific meaning.

Imagery and Iconography

The central figure in The Sun Tarot Card is typically a sun, radiating warmth and light. The imagery often includes a child or infant, sometimes riding a white horse, which symbolizes innocence, joy, and a new beginning.

Sunflowers are commonly seen in the background or foreground and they represent fertility and the abundance provided by the sunlight. The flag held by the child is typically seen as a symbol of victory and success, while the wall or garden that sometimes appears signifies a safe environment where one can freely express themselves.

Color Symbolism

  • Bright Yellow or Gold: Symbolizes happiness, vitality, and enlightenment.
  • White: Associated with purity, the horse or the child’s clothing often features this color to underscore the idea of clarity and innocence.
  • Red: Sometimes used for the flag, indicating energy and passion.

Mythical and Cultural References

The Sun card incorporates various mythical and cultural references that underline its meaning. In particular, the card is often associated with the Greek sun god Helios, who drove a chariot across the sky – a nod to the importance of the sun as a universal life-giver. Other mythologies with sun deities, like Ra in Egyptian mythology, also find an indirect representation in the solar imagery, presenting the sun as a powerful and benevolent guide.

Interpretations of The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun Tarot Card is often associated with positivity and joy. Its symbolism can offer deep insight during tarot readings, and the card’s meanings vary significantly depending on its orientation.

Upright Position Meanings

In an upright position, The Sun Tarot Card represents:

  • Success: It signifies achievement and the successful completion of a phase.
  • Positivity: The card suggests an abundance of energy and optimism.
  • Vitality: There is an implication of good health and vigor.
  • Joy: It indicates a period of happiness and contentment in one’s life.
  • Clarity: The card denotes clear understanding and the absence of confusion.
  • Celebration: It might represent a time of acknowledgement and festivity.

Reversed Position Meanings

When The Sun Tarot Card is in a reversed position, it indicates:

  • Misunderstanding: Challenges in communication may arise.
  • Pessimism: There may be feelings of discouragement or seeing the glass as half empty.
  • Lack of enthusiasm: It shows reduced energy levels or a loss of excitement.
  • Broken confidence: Self-doubt and a lack of faith in one’s abilities might be implied.
  • Delayed success: Achievements may still be forthcoming, but with possible setbacks.

The Sun Tarot and Personal Growth

The Sun Tarot card symbolizes enlightenment and vitality, serving as a beacon for personal growth and self-improvement.

Self-Discovery Through The Sun Tarot

The journey of self-discovery is often illuminated by The Sun Tarot, reflecting a person’s quest for inner truth and authenticity. When The Sun Tarot appears in a reading, it suggests a period of clear self-awareness, where the individual can see personal strengths and talents with great clarity. This card encourages embracing one’s identity and often indicates a time when a person is truly learning what they can offer to the world.

  • Clarity: The Sun exposes what is often hidden, allowing for increased self-knowledge.
  • Vitality: Energies and passions are more easily identified, fueling personal pursuits and interests.

The Sun Tarot in Life Transitions

In times of significant change, The Sun Tarot acts as a guiding light to navigate life’s transitions with confidence. Its presence in a spread can signify a successful transition, with the person emerging revitalized and more aligned with their purpose.

  • Confirmation: Success in new ventures or transitions is often predicted by The Sun.
  • Alignment: The Sun’s energy can confirm that the individual’s path is in harmony with their true self.

The Sun Tarot in Readings

The Sun Tarot card often signifies positivity and success when it appears in readings. These interpretations can vary based on whether the reading is general or focused on a particular area of the querent’s life.

General Readings Impact

In general tarot readings, the presence of The Sun is usually indicative of good fortune, vitality, and abundance. Querents may find that The Sun reflects a period where one’s goals align with their true self, leading to a harmonious existence. It can signal:

  • Joyful outcomes: The card hints at a conclusion to personal struggles and the arrival of happiness.
  • Optimism: It suggests that carrying an optimistic outlook will naturally attract success.

Focused Readings Influence

When focusing on specific aspects of a person’s life, such as career, relationships, or personal growth, The Sun tarot card has tailored implications.

For career readings:

  • Career Advancements: It may point to job promotion, recognition of one’s work, or a flourishing business venture.

In the realm of relationships:

  • Harmony and joy: The Sun implies genuine happiness and a possible strengthening of bonds, signaling joyous times ahead for the relationship.

For personal growth, it often symbolizes:Self-confidence: The individual is likely embracing their true self and shining with confidence.

The Sun Tarot Card Combinations

When the Sun tarot card appears in a reading alongside other cards, its meaning of joy and success can enhance or be nuanced by its tarot neighbors.

Combining with Major Arcana

Cards in the Major Arcana represent significant life events and when combined with The Sun, they modify its interpretation:

  • The Fool & The Sun: A fresh start brimming with optimism.
  • The Lovers & The Sun: A relationship filled with happiness and trust.
  • Death & The Sun: Endings that lead to new, more positive beginnings.

The Sun’s radiant energy can shine a light on the deeper significance of these Major Arcana cards, indicating a period of enlightenment or significant personal growth.

Interplay with Minor Arcana

The Sun combined with cards from the Minor Arcana can indicate day-to-day events:

  • Ace of Wands & The Sun: A new project or career move brings great joy.
  • Ten of Cups & The Sun: Total contentment in family and home life.
  • Five of Pentacles & The Sun: Recovery from financial loss or hardship.

The Sun’s influence on these cards generally turns the tide towards a more positive outcome or mindset in practical matters.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List 6

What Do Tarot Cards Mean

The great long march of the “What Tarot Cards Mean?” series has finally come to an end. Major Arcana’s last four cards represent a rather smooth transition: First with the Moon card, your subconscious fears come to the surface. You pity yourself and think that you are all alone.

However, this is far from the truth. The Sun card tells you that you should cheer up because immense abundance and joy are waiting for you. After that, The Judgement card appears and asks you to repent your sins and choose the light over darkness.

When you do everything in the right order, in the end, you will reap the fruits of the final card in the Major Arcana. In a nutshell, The World card heralds fulfillment, completing the cycle of life, and passing all the tests. If the World card appears in your reading, it is a great omen that you’ll have the life of your dreams and enjoy long-lasting success.

What Tarot Cards Mean?

No.18 The Moon tarot card meaning

The Moon tarot card what tarot cards mean
  1. Numbers

The Moon tarot card is the 18th card in the Major Arcana. The number 18 represents distasteful circumstances, delays, and fears.

  1. Patterns

The Moon card illustrates 2 dogs barking heavily, which are your unseen fears. Scorpio in the middle symbolizes hidden enemies and secrets. The water surrounding the card indicates that these are subconscious fears, and they may not even crystallize in the real world, because right after The Moon (tarot card), Sun comes.

What does The Moon tarot card mean? In general, it means: You feel tricked and disillusioned.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Moon card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You lack balance and completely drown in anxiety.

  • Work

This is the card of Scorpio; therefore, you may have fears at work as if some people are doing business behind your back. But you need to release such unpleasant thoughts because you might be just blowing things out of proportion.

  • Academics

You are suffering from immense fear and insecurity regarding your studies. Call your angels and give your worries to them. All will unfold in your favor.

  • Affection

The Moon card indicates a tough period in your life because you have trouble believing in your partner’s honesty. You have suspicions about deception and cheating, but it may not be the case.

  • Mind

Your psychic abilities are unmatched. Use this period to work on your shadow self, meditate a lot, and continue your occult studies.

The Moon tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Moon card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

The Moon card tarot can indicate minor issues at work but not a huge office drama. Your problems are ending, and clarity is coming.

  • Academics

The negative energy around your academic productivity continues to prevail, but it’s not something that you can’t handle on your own.

  • Emotion

Your partner might be a very dark and gloomy person and on top of that, you may feel like the distance between you two is growing. Look at the surrounding cards, if they are positive, then it could mean that you’re contemplating the worst. If other cards are negative, then you might be misled in this relationship.

  • Mind

Stop the inner conversations. Your intuition is clouded, and your mind is full of conflicting scenarios. Please understand that you need time to process and analyze all this.

No.19 The Sun tarot card meaning

The Sun tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Sun tarot card is the 19th card in the Major Arcana. The number 19 represents confidence, positivity, and getting back on your feet.

  1. Patterns

The Sun card pictures a child on a horse that is moving forward. The Sun is beaming down and there are beautiful sunflowers in the background. Everything in this card is in the mood of celebration. Owing to the fact that The Sun tarot card corresponds to Leo, it represents healing, optimism, and enjoying childish things.

What does The Sun tarot card mean? In general, it means: Creativity brings incredible results in your career sector. You will have so much to celebrate!

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Sun card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: Good luck is on your way and this is your time to shine!

  • Work

This is the card of Leo, therefore, your mutual connection with your boss will improve for the good, and you seem to be receiving a promotion or bonus. On a different level, you might be finally giving a shot to that start-up idea you’ve been working on and become a terrific boss.

  • Academics

Thanks to the heavy Leo energy in the Sun card, you may join a theater or entrepreneurship club where you can shine and lead others. You can start your very own student association too. Make sure to enjoy your academic and social success as your life is taking off with fantastic results!

  • Affection

The Sun card indicates a wonderful relationship where there is joy and enthusiasm, and no restriction on expressing who you are. This love is absolutely pure, honest, and stable. If you are trying to conceive, you may get pregnant and have a child soon. If you are not seeing anybody at the moment but want to, don’t worry! You will meet a foreigner who will sweep you off your feet.

  • Mind

You feel over the moon, and your playfulness makes others around you addicted to your healthy energy. Your thoughts are open, your path is clear, and you walk in confidence.

The Sun tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Sun card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

The Sun is a very positive card, but when it’s reversed, it indicates bad luck and disruptions at work. Your ego might be inflated lately and having unrealistic expectations can take a toll on your position at the office.

  • Academics

Your grades and great feedback may abruptly stop. It seems to be a mistake coming from your side, for that reason, you need to evaluate where you took the wrong turn.

  • Emotion

Your partner may be a very pessimistic person who is unable to appreciate your vision. Additionally, you may feel like your partner fails to share your emotions. If surrounding cards are troubled, reversed Sun can indicate loss of a partner or miscarriage.

  • Mind

Inexplicable disappointment might have taken over your life, but this shouldn’t stop you from dreaming. The fog will disappear eventually.

No.20 The Judgement tarot card meaning

The Judgement tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Judgement tarot card is the 20th card in the Major Arcana. The number 20 represents duality. It contains both life and death, and war and peace in itself.

  1. Patterns

The Judgement card portrays an Archangel who stands above the people and calls them to take action. These people have just been resurrected and now revering to her in exchange for forgiveness.

What does The Judgement tarot card mean? In general, it means: You need to be diplomatic and open to compromise because you will have to see both poles of the world.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Judgement card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are learning a great deal from your past mistakes.

  • Work

The Judgement wants you to use your intuition to make life-altering decisions. There are excellent opportunities, and a new job is on your way.

  • Academics

If there was any injustice done to you, it will be corrected with The Judgement card. Both your grades and status in the eyes of your professors will significantly ameliorate.

  • Affection

Even if you believe that you have no luck when it comes to love, you will meet someone destined for you. This card can also suggest giving your ex a second chance. In either case, you will find yourself in a soul-connected relationship that you can’t ignore. Your twin flame might be a Libra or Gemini who makes you reflect on your character and also brings you a new point of consciousness.

  • Mind

The Judgement card indicates a deep spiritual awakening and receiving clarity. When tiny issues occur, you just need to follow your intuition to fix things.

The Judgement tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Judgement card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

Your inner calling wants you to work in a different sector, but you keep pushing the same exact stuff. In order to facilitate a new beginning, you should move on.

  • Academics

This is the card of karmic outcomes, consequently, if you have plagiarized or cheated on an exam, then you will probably get punished.

  • Emotion

Take off your rose-tinted glasses. You are in a karmic relationship that is not working for either of you. Take what you can learn from this person and don’t keep yourself in a stalling relationship.

  • Mind

When the Justice card is upside-down, you may have trouble reaching clarity. You might be focusing on one matter in specific and disregarding the actual world. Whatever happens to you, happens for a reason. Find the blessing in disguise.

No.21 The World tarot card meaning

The World tarot card
  1. Numbers

The World tarot card is the 21st card in the Major Arcana. The number 21 represents culmination, fulfillment, and accomplishments.

  1. Patterns

At the center of The World card, a nude woman is dancing in her wreath. There are 4 symbols in each corner: An eagle, a man, a lion, and a bull. This is the full transformation that started with The Magician card and later was ignited by The Wheel of Fortune. Now she mastered all four elements and symbols, and the world is completely at this woman’s feet.

What does The World tarot card mean? In general, it means: Whatever you do will have incredibly positive results for you.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The World card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You have mastered all the spiritual lessons and now you have the blessing of the skies.

  • Work

The World indicates fantastic beginnings, having control over what you do, and working with joy. Your business will yield lucrative results and your name will become synonymous with victory. If you are currently unemployed, this card tells you that you will find a solid job in an overseas corporation.

  • Academics

You are gradually approaching the end of the semester and completing your academic journey. Lucky for you, you will be able to graduate and achieve great success!

  • Affection

The World card indicates a sense of security, love, and joy in your relationship. For those considering getting married, this card is a great omen! It can’t get any better than this. If you are already married, The World tarot can mean the birth of a child.

If you are single, you are finally going to meet your Prince/Princess Charming! There will also be potential for a long-term commitment and a very strong sense of belonging.

  • Mind

You feel secure and whole. You know that everything you want comes into full manifestation and you’re being rewarded beyond your imagination.

The World tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The World card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

The new opportunities you were expecting may not come or your promotion may come with delays and disruptions. This is an incredibly positive card, therefore, even when it is reversed, it doesn’t mean the end of the world. You will eventually get what you want but beware of possible obstacles.

  • Academics

A lack of enthusiasm can cause you to miss a few classes and get low grades. Instead of dragging yourself, schedule a consultation appointment with your teacher right away. This way you can earn more time and create a strategy to improve your studies.

  • Emotion

Continuing this relationship is similar to beating a dead horse. Use your energy to take advantage of the opportunities coming your way. Trying to revive a hopeless romance story will put you in a vicious cycle.

  • Mind

You are enduring a lot lately. These hardships are coming from your choices, therefore, do not blame it on anyone else but yourself.

Sagittarius Tarot Card: Extravagant & Jovial Centaur

sagittarius tarot card

What Is Sagittarius Tarot Card?

Sagittarius tarot card is one of the most optimistic and open-minded signs of the zodiac. It rules the 9th house, which is the house of academia and higher education, overseas travel, and opportunities involving foreigners.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter – the planet of luck, expansion, and growth. It is also known as the “great benefit” that brings abundance and prosperity; therefore, we can easily say that Sagittarius people are very lucky and likely to come across more financial & spiritual opportunities than others.

Jupiter was the god of Romans, and in Ancient Greece, it was worshiped as Zeus. As we all know, Zeus was a hypersexual god associated with fertility and victory. On the other hand, Zeus had very little understanding of other people’s boundaries, and Sagittarius may suffer from a similar situation.

The lesson of Sagittarius is to abstain from vanity and be more tolerant of one another. The element of Sagittarius is fire, and it has always been a wild and insatiable fighter.

Consequently, its symbol is a half-human centaur using a bow & arrow. Unlike other rulers, Sagittarius can maintain a level of optimism and happiness among his people. In addition, tarot cards for Sagittarius are mainly from wands suit, and the representation of Sagittarius in tarot cards is incredibly vivid & uplifting!

What Tarot Card Represents Sagittarius?

Now let’s explore what tarot cards represent Sagittarius: The first tarot card for Sagittarius is the Temperance tarot card. The Temperance Sagittarius tarot card is very lovely and nurturing. It shows that patience is the most important virtue for you at this moment.

tarot card for sagittarius

Your plans may be moving slowly but your seeds are growing, just have a little more patience! In any reading, Temperance indicates that you are on the right path, and it would be nice to learn & teach (like a true Sagittarius) and expand your horizons.

In business, it means that you’re blending different aspects of yourself to create the perfect job & career. Since Temperance is a long-term goal card, sit down and picture yourself where you want your life to be in 3 years. With perseverance, you can attain anything! Perhaps it is a time for you to reflect on your learning and become an advisor, teacher, or mentor!

In love, Temperance can indicate a relationship that has the potential of teaching you a life-lesson. Your partner might be the right person, and if you’re comfortable imagining your future with them, then congratulations!

Page of Wands is another Sagittarius tarot card that represents good news coming in. You might be starting something new with new perspective. This new perspective on the world which may energize you to spend more time outdoors.

sagittarius in tarot cards

Someone, perhaps a relative will give you a helping hand which will result in the success of your new business venture. This could be something sports or travel related. Since you are just starting out, you may feel vulnerable at first, but this new adventure will definitely broaden your horizons.

Page of Wands signals a time period where you are likely to face challenges that would accelerate your growth and make you more self-confident. In love, you may be entering a new stage in your relationship & perhaps a child joining your family! Beware that Page of Wands can be a bit juvenile & needs to learn how to become humbler.

Queen of Pentacles is also a tarot card that represents Sagittarius. This card can indicate that you’re a practical person who has a gift for money and business, and cares about financial security. Furthermore, you may get a lot of value from your work-and everything you touch can turn prosperous & abundant.

Queen of Pentacles is a very positive card for business because it demonstrates that you are mastering finances. If you have a boss/ colleague, this person can be wise, practical, and hardworking. And you can always rely on her advice/inside tips!

In her dark side, Queen of Pentacles can be a bit lethargic and may expect you to do all the work and still get the credits. Aware of such problematic personality and draw your boundaries.

In love, Queen of Pentacles signals a nurturing & committed long-term relationship. However, make sure that both you and your partner have the means to support yourself fully in this relationship.

Lastly, owing to the earthy energy of Queen of Pentacles, you might have an affinity with animals. You may want to spend more time in the woods, exploring nature, befriending animals, and grounding yourself.

Another tarot card associated with Sagittarius is Eight of Wands. It suggests that obstacles are now being removed and your goals are now coming into fruition. At this moment, you can pursue what you love with all that enthusiasm and fire, and there’s nothing that you can’t achieve!

what tarot card is sagittarius

Know that you have the ideal conditions to move forward in any area of your life. There’s a lot of accelerated movement during this lucky time that you can take advantage of.

10 of Wands is the final Sagittarius corresponding tarot card. It says that you are carrying too many burdens. If you ask help from others/ your spiritual guides, you’ll get where do you want to get with fewer obstacles.

This card is a good reminder that you don’t have to carry everyone else’s burdens! You could be pushing your limits way too hard for your job. You may feel burned-out but at least the ending will be nice if you continue working for yourself.

If you ask tarot whether to accept this job, I would say no—simply because 10 of Wands indicates a career your hard work doesn’t equal the pay. Furthermore, you may feel unsupported, and your superiors may depend too much on your labor.

In a love reading, 10 of Wands may point out one partner carrying too much responsibility for the relationship. In addition, there might be unfair burden on contributing to the household.

For singles out there, 10 of Wands may symbolize that you’re too busy with your career and other obligations, so perhaps you can’t give what’s needed for love.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List 5

What Do Tarot Cards Mean

The fifth part of “What Do Tarot Cards Mean?” is already in the house. Here, you will continue to learn the meaning of No.15~17 Major Arcana.

Major Arcana is home to a great deal of unexpected twists and turns, The Devil card being just one of them. While this card can show that you fell victim to the hands of a trusted partner, alas trouble doesn’t end here.

The fall is further ignited by The Tower tarot card which depicts your absolute bottom. Both of these cards constitute the sequels of The Death Card which started the collapse in the first place.

After such harsh lessons and hitting the nadir, luckily Major Arcana puts a smile on your face: The Star card appears and delivers much relief. Now is the time to believe in the magical ways of the universe and manifest your best life.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

No. 15 The Devil tarot card meaning

The Devil tarot card
  1. Numbers

Devil tarot card is the 15th card in the Major Arcana. The number 15 represents hedonism, temptation, and power struggle.

  1. Patterns

The Devil card portrays a couple fallen in the hands of Satan. They are completely nude and behind them is the devil which symbolizes the dark pleasures, hunger for power, and wicked commitments.

What does The Devil tarot card mean? In general, it means: The Devil tarot card corresponds to a dark place where you experience a lot of your shadow side.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Devil card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: Your addiction to love and appreciation cost your freedom.

  • Work

Unfortunately, your loyalty is devoted to the wrong person. Your team leader appears to be taking great advantage of your efforts. Lots of abuse and belittling language are draining you and sabotaging your efficiency. This is the time to break away from your chains and stand your ground against your boss.

  • Academics

Academically, your desire to get somewhere is incredibly strong. However, if moving upwards in the academy requires you to leave your freedom, this path doesn’t may not be a good fit.

  • Affection

If you draw The Devil card in a love reading, it means that you are trapped but probably can’t explain it to yourself. You have an inexplicable interest and sexual desire toward your partner but can’t see that he is eating your soul and manipulating your life. He is only superficially interested in you and you might be even in an illicit affair, with a third-party situation included.

  • Mind

Your instincts are in full control. Lust is damaging your thought processes and holding you in a vicious circle. You got to start thinking with your mind and not bodily needs.

The Devil tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Devil card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You may get rid of a malfunctioning work environment soon. For better timing, check the sky. The first full moon from the date you picked this card will be your day of salvation. Reversed The Devil tarot card indicates ending a full cycle, start building your confidence, and becoming more selfish for your wellbeing.

  • Academics

Your academic productivity will increase as you release your detachment from wrong beliefs. Now no one will try to take advantage of your goodwill.

  • Emotion

Your partner is going to stop paralyzing you and dominating your movement. Conflicts will end and this relationship will move towards a more equal situation. Sexual enthusiasm will earn a healthier ground and it will no longer be a point of debate.

  • Mind

Freedom is the number one point on your agenda. Leaving the binding thoughts and forgetting past encounters is healing you. Keeping a journal near you and writing down as inspiration comes can ameliorate your mind too.

No.16 The Tower tarot card meaning

The Tower tarot card
  1. Numbers

Tower tarot card is the 16th card in the Major Arcana. The number 16 represents past life matters, transformation, and courage.

  1. Patterns

The Tower card illustrates a tower on fire and lots of people exiting the building. The world is falling apart and everyone in this card is absolutely panic-stricken. This tarot card is the crystallization of chaos and extreme disruption.

What does The Tower tarot card mean? In general, it means: A dramatic shock can enter your life and wreck your foundations.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Tower card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are in the middle of a breakdown and this disruption seems to bring a lot of unavoidable events to the surface.

  • Work

Even before you start thinking about leaving your job, this moment of chaos may get you kicked out. Although sounds sad, instead of spending your days in absolute turmoil, it could be good for your future.

  • Academics

Academically, you might have weak foundations and an expected shock may put you in the victim mentality as if you have no control over your life.

  • Affection

The Toward card signals the end of your romantic partnership. Perhaps you didn’t see it coming, but you began to observe a distance expanding between your lover.

You may find out secrets that lead to your breakup or even divorce. Unfortunately, this change is not a very comfortable period to start with it, but at least you will be liberated from a situation that you found demeaning.

  • Mind

Lots of confusion in the air and pain is bothering your mind. Not a walking in the park for sure but know that it will eventually end and stars will pave your way.

The Tower tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Tower card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You are resisting the change, but it is not the solution to your problems. This upheaval was long overdue, and there is not much way to avoid this tragedy. Let it be a catalyst for the change you deserve at work.

  • Academics

The epiphany you are going through won’t feel like a catastrophe anymore. Your academic success will gain its momentum back and you’ll be able to move on with your studies in a more stable environment.

  • Emotion

For singles, dating this potential partner can put you in an emotionally imbalanced position. If you are already in a romantic relationship, your partner may be battling with traumatic emotions and reflecting his inner problems into your relationship.

  • Mind

You crave stability. Release the fear of change and let the awakening angelic vibration in.

No.17 The Star tarot card meaning

The Star tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Star tarot card is the 17th card in the Major Arcana. The number 17 represents optimism, vitality, and healing.

  1. Patterns

Star tarot card is a lovely composition of bright yellow and vibrant baby blue. The pictured angel is nude and she’s pouring water both to the land and lake. She is pure and balanced. Living in the comfort of knowing that she left agony behind.

What does The Star tarot card mean? In general, it means: Your dreams are finally coming to fruition! Grab the opportunities as they come to your way.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Star card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: Enjoy the tranquility and peace in the air. You are in literal paradise.

  • Work

This is the card of optimism, hope, and serenity. Therefore, you are entering a peaceful phase at work. Your teammates are friendly, your supervisor is understanding, and you have the ultimate opportunity to leap into a higher position.

  • Academics

Inspiration flows into your mind & regenerates happiness in your academic endeavors. On a different level, you might join a student exchange program and get to see a wonderful dream destination as part of your university education.

  • Affection

The Star card suggests a new lover who could be a foreigner but surely capable of delivering the intimacy you crave for. You trust your lover and believe that a fantastic future is awaiting you two.

For singles, this card represents a prospective spiritual connection that brings contentment and confidence. Keep your faith alive and watch your dreams materialize.

  • Mind

You might be gravitating towards faith and manifestation nowadays. As you take tiny steps into more spiritual life, watch out for repeating angel numbers, synchronicities, and bird feathers coming your way.

The Star tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Star card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

Is jealousy what’s hindering your progress? Not gonna lie, your struggles may continue for a while. Some coworkers, especially a woman might be waiting to stab you from the back. As far away from drama as possible.

  • Academics

You might lose your direction for a bit. You need to go out, socialize, and find some trustable community. You will be much happier when you make friends who are sincerely looking forward to your development.

  • Emotion

Stagnant energies might be slaughtering your relationship at the moment. You need to do things that uplift your spirit and make you less anxious.

You could be suspecting a lot about your partner’s past and spending sleepless nights. Cleanse your deck and get another reading for further clarity.

  • Mind

You may have lost your hopes and dreams, but this probably stems from your subconscious patterns. The best thing would be work on your fear of rejection at this time.

Tarot Card Spread: Connecting With Your New Tarot Deck

Tarot Card Spread

How To Connect With Your Tarot Cards?

So, you have a new tarot deck, now what? Connecting with your new tarot deck is a great practice to implement whether it’s your first deck or fifth! 

There are several ways you can create a connection and begin to understand the best ways to work with your new deck. The two ways to go over today are cleansing your deck and using tarot card spreads as an interview tool.

How To Cleanse a New Tarot Deck?

Cleansing a new deck is done to neutralize the energy that may be around from previous owners. If the deck is brand new and has never been touched, cleansing can help move stagnant energy away and gently waken the deck. 

Cleansing methods are abundant. In the end, you should do what feels right for you and your new deck. Here are some points to consider:

Choose an element (earth, fire, water, air) that you work with the most. Use materials associated with that element to perform a cleansing ritual.

For example:

If you choose water, it’s probably unlikely that you can literally leave your cards underwater for any amount of time. Instead, try leaving them next to a running water source overnight. 

You can use a miniature battery-powered water fountain. Bonus points if you are able to leave it in nature next to a stream or river!

Once your deck is cleansed, and you feel the energy is moving, yet neutral, it’s time to perform a reading. A reading is simply the interpretation of a tarot spread.

cleanse tarot
cleanse tarot

How To Do a Tarot Spread?

Below are three tarot spreads you can use to connect with your new deck. First, let’s talk about a tarot spread. A spread is any number of cards drawn from your deck intended to answer specific questions you have. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a tarot deck is supposed to read your mind. A tarot deck is a tool to work. Be ready with specific questions or your tool will leave you confused and frustrated.

You can create your own spreads or used ones already made. To create your own spread, write down your questions and begin to think about images that are relevant to those questions.

For example: If you want to create a career spread, and you have two questions like “What work needs to be accomplished to reach my goal?” and “Who will help me to accomplish this goal?” You can place the the “Who” card at the top of the spread, and the “Work” card at the bottom. 

This could be because work is done closer to the physical realm. The “who” card could be at the top because it represents a person in your life and acts as the “head” of the reading. 

These associations are completely up to you and your intuition. It’s important to give yourself room to experiment until you find what works.

Now here are three tarot deck interview spreads you can use to cultivate a deeper connection with your new deck! To begin any of the following spreads, ensure your deck is cleansed and shuffled. 

You can cut—separate the deck into halves and put the bottom half on the top half—the deck or simply do a card shuffle of your choice. Pull the amount of cards necessary from your deck. 

Experiment with card placements like setting them in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines, but ensure they remain in the numerical order.

3 Tarot Card Spread

The three-card spread is a great beginner tarot spread. The energy it invokes is mostly positive and only asks to know the strengths of the tarot deck. 

Keep in mind that the “Describe yourself” card is always in the center of the spread. From the center everything expands.

  • Question 1. What can you help me with?
  • Question 2. Describe yourself.
  • Question 3. What is your first message to me?
3 card tarot spread

5 Tarot Card Spread

The five-card spread expands on the three-card spread. It brings in more elements that balance the energy of the questions. Here you will find out the strengths and weaknesses of the tarot deck.

  • Question 1. What do you need from me as a reader?
  • Question 2. What can you help me with?
  • Question 3. Describe yourself.
  • Question 4. What can you not help me with?
  • Question 5. What is your first message to me?
5 card tarot spread

9 Tarot Card Spread

The nine-card spread expands even further on the five and three-card spreads. It allows for more nuanced details to surface, giving a clearer picture of what the new deck represents and brings into your life.

  • Question 1. What do you need from me as a reader?
  • Question 2. Where will our relationship begin?
  • Question 3. What do you think of my life/choices so far?
  • Question 4. What can you help me with?
  • Question 5. Describe yourself.
  • Question 6. What do you think of me?
  • Question 7. What can you not help me with?
  • Question 8. How will our relationship grow?
  • Question 9. What is your first message to me?
9 card tarot spread

Finally, here are some good questions to ask your tarot cards in single card draws when you need to connect with the energy of the day or have a quick glimpse of what your day will bring.

  • What are some challenges I will face today?
  • What are some opportunities I should not pass up today?
  • Who will appear in my life to help me today?
  • What energy is working in my favor?
  • How can I enhance what is working in my favor?
  • What is working against me?
  • How can I change what is working against me?

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List With Pictures For Beginners 4

What Do Tarot Cards Mean

Major Arcana‘s perhaps most misunderstood card is The Hanged Man, possibly because he has an upside-down perception of the world. It symbolizes our manly fears that we are reluctant to admit.

Furthermore, the most feared subject is death; accordingly, the most feared tarot card is The Death. However, this card doesn’t always indicate physical endings, it is rather about letting go of things.

Funny enough, right after The Death card, the tarot gives us The Temperance card to demonstrate that balance and harmony still exist in this world and that we should move in the path the universe paved for us.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

No.12 The Hanged Man tarot card meaning

The Hanged Man tarot
  1. Numbers

The Hanged Man tarot card is the 12th card in the Major Arcana. The number 12 represents surrounding, sacrificing, and self-awareness.

  1. Patterns

The Hanged Man card illustrates a hanging man who is refusing to submit to the order of others. He chooses to live his own truth, even when this is not the best for him. 

His figure is reminiscent of a cross and combined with the light around his head, he’s probably channeling some powerful spiritual messages.

He is bound to the stick in so much serenity that he’s not at all struggling to maintain his position. He acknowledges the truth from above and surrenders.

What does The Hanged Man tarot card mean? In general, it means: Resistance is futile, surrender!

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Hanged Man card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You need to press the pause button to put your life back in order.

  • Work

Your self-limiting beliefs may have trapped you in an unwanted career path. Firstly, you need to stop nagging. Secondly, you have to clear away all the uncertainty about what’s going to happen if you ever leave, and choose to go with the flow.

  • Academics

Academically, you are probably refusing to see what’s in front of you. Just because you failed, doesn’t mean that you have to give up on everything. Having some patience will go a long way.

  • Affection

The Hanged Man is not the most pleasant card to receive in a love reading because it is embedded in uncertainty and a sense of blindness. You may be stuck on a roller coaster but could be refusing to let go of a malfunctioning relationship.

  • Mind

You are bound to certain beliefs that are disabling you to move forward and make bigger commitments about your life.

The Hanged Man tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Hanged Man card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You will be successfully detaching yourself from a toxic work environment. Keep moving and never look back.

  • Academics

Indecision and stagnation affected your academic productivity enough already. Instead of leaving it all, hang in there a little longer. Allow circumstances to unfold and trust the process.

  • Emotion

Your partner may leave you without giving a full explanation. You may feel bamboozled and not be able to understand what actually happened. The Hanged Man can indicate that this relationship should be ended in order for both of you to pursue spiritual self-improvement.

  • Mind

To say the least, you are discontent with your life. But if you struggle against the circumstances, you may dig deeper into the chaos.

No.13 The Death tarot card meaning

The Death tarot
  1. Numbers

The Death tarot card is the 13th card in the Major Arcana. The number 13 represents death, the underworld, and sorrow.

  1. Patterns

The Death card portrays a very dark scene where the grim reaper walks towards the town holding the death flag. A lady is refusing to acknowledge the mighty knight. There is also a King in the picture, he is fallen on the ground, his crown is fallen off his head, and he can’t fight at the moment.

Even the priest who has been teaching others about death and rebirth is praying for God to save him. The bravest person in the entire illustration is a child. This little boy is gazing at the grim reaper and wondering.

What does The Death tarot card mean? In general, it means: Like a caterpillar, one chapter is ending for you, but soon, your pain will transform into a beautiful butterfly.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Death card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are letting go of things and people that are no longer serving your highest interests.

  • Work

You may have to let go of your career path. The universe is preparing you for a better future, don’t resist it, and accept the change.

  • Academics

Academically, you may drop out completely. Although your parents and friends can find this decision abrasive, it will be for your highest good.

  • Affection

The Death card unfortunately denotes the painful ending of a relationship. You might be having a hard time trying to end things and forget about your significant other. Please note that if you don’t do it, universe will have to end this even more unpleasantly. 

For singles, The Death card can point out that there is an old pattern embedded in your head, and this clump is blocking you from attracting the lover you deserve.

  • Mind

In a more general sense, you could be scared of dying and fear of punishment. This card can also suggest vindictive ideas such as hurting or even torturing somebody really badly.

The Death tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Death card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You are deliberately resisting changing your work environment. Sadly, being headstrong is the worst thing you can do to yourself at the moment. Before the universe forces the change upon you, be courageous and make the necessary modifications with your own hands. 

You may fear being homeless and stick to a useless job for decades, but now change is imminent.

  • Academics

Your academic success will be affected by the internal deep transformation that you are going through. If you are a medical student or studying healing methods as a hobby, you should choose to channel this transformative energy for others’ good.

  • Emotion

If your past is trying to come back, don’t let that person in. It will create disappointment and misery as it happened before. On another level, reversed Death card can indicate divorce or the loss of a partner.

  • Mind

You are torturing yourself because you feel left behind. However, if you welcome the changes, those endings can help your soul metamorphosis.

No.14 The Temperance tarot card meaning

The Temperance tarot
  1. Numbers

The Temperance tarot card is the fourteenth card of the Major Arcana. The number 14 represents balance, positive direction, and being centered.

  1. Patterns

The Temperance card is a beautiful demonstration of the divine energy of angels. In the center, a wonderful angelic being floats in the air with massive wings, a bright light surrounds his head, and he continuously pours water from one cup to another. 

On the left, Sun is beaming its light over the mountains which is a powerful esoteric sign of accomplishments and rewards. On the right, daffodil flowers symbolize the purity and serenity.

What does The Temperance tarot card mean? In general, it means: You are in perfect harmony with your Yin and Yang energies.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Temperance card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are moving successfully towards your higher spiritual purpose.

  • Work

Balance and peace describe your work environment. You have fantastic colleagues that support your progress and happiness. The Temperance card is a long-term card; therefore, you should start writing down where would you like to see yourself in 3 years.

  • Academics

Academically, you are blending different aspects of your personality with hobbies, and studying a multidisciplinary major.

  • Affection

The Temperance card indicates a faithful relationship that teaches you a lot about yourself. You enjoy the emotional satisfaction of having a soulmate.

  • Mind

Your life purpose serves not only your interests but also all humanity. Use your knowledge to educate the newbies and share your insights generously.

The Temperance tarot reversed

If you draw a reversed The Temperance card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

You are being too hasty and choose to disregard others’ perspectives which could have been helpful at work. You are not required to do everything alone. Make a division of labor and solve the problem piece by piece. This will ease you.

  • Academics

Lately, you might be acting self-absorbed and out of order. Although this won’t hurt much of your private studies, when it comes to group work, it can cause a literal academic mess.

  • Emotion

Your relationship is imbalanced, and this one-sidedness is killing the give-and-take dynamic. For singles, reversed The Temperance card means that you should continue working on yourself until you meet the Mr./Ms. Right person.

  • Mind

Your excessive thinking has led hatred and frustration to take control of your life. You need to stop creating conflict and correct your attitude for everybody’s happiness. Self-indulging thoughts can make you only lonelier.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List With Pictures For Beginners 3

What Do Tarot Cards Mean

Hi, we’ve come to the third part of “What Do Tarot Cards Mean?”, in which we’ll continue our discussion of the No.9~11 tarot cards.

The life lessons that are articulated in Major Arcana sometimes take us into secluded places where we need to learn and reflect single-handedly, as depicted in The Hermit Card.

But sometimes tarot decides to bless us with good luck and fortune as illustrated in the Wheel of Fortune. This is done in order to create positive reinforcement in our spiritual journey and further test us.

Depending on our interpretation of these divine life lessons, we end up in the hands of The Justice card. It tells us that what we sow comes back to us, therefore, the wisest thing would be to do the right thing even when our effort is left unappreciated.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

No.9 The Hermit tarot card meaning

the hermit tarot card
  1.  Numbers

The Hermit tarot card is the 9th card in the Major Arcana. The number 9 represents completion, soul-searching, and philanthropy.

  1. Patterns

The Hermit card’s colors are composed of gloomy gray and bright yellow which is contradictory in their nature. While gray symbolizes solitude and introspection, the bright lamp he is holding points out eternal wisdom and infinite optimism.

In addition, The Star of David symbol positioned inside the lamp is the main torch that opens the karmic Kabbalistic doorways illustrated in the tarot.

What does The Hermit tarot card mean? In general, it means: You will go on long and deep spiritual retreats to be able to master the knowledge of tarot.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Hermit card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are going through a phase of self-reflection that will bless you with the wisdom of ancients.

  • Work

The subject you are working on may require spiritual guidance. That being said, The Hermit brings ascension and illumination after you make the effort.

  • Academics

Academically, you may have a brief hiatus to understand what you want to do with your life.

  • Affection

The Hermit card indicates a relationship with a distance that provides both individuals with space for soul-searching. If you are single, this is a time to do inner work and sort out things by yourself.

  • Mind

You are researching complex spiritual structures, diving deep into higher realms, and experimenting with new methods. Don’t let fear of loneliness drive you away from your curiosity.

the hermit tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed Hermit card, you should pay attention to the following states:

  • Work

The Hermit is the card of Virgo; therefore, it can denote working long hours with little to no support from your boss.

  • Academics

It suggests a period of withdrawal, loneliness, and pain. You may lose some friends or feel like your professors are unable to capture your vision. When The Hermit card is reversed, this withdrawal can turn into dropping out of college.

  • Emotion

Despite your incredible effort, your partner may not put enough feelings, and fail to appreciate your worth.

  • Mind

Oftentimes, you find it difficult to see the glass half full and may feel unwanted or excluded in your social circle.

No.10 The Wheel of Fortune tarot card meaning

wheel of fortune tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is the 10th card in the Major Arcana. The number 10 represents a powerful gateway that is taking you in a brand-new direction.

  1. Patterns

The Wheel of Fortune card is a composition of blue and orange. Both are incredibly optimistic colors reflecting the luck and happiness that the card brings.

There are angels in all 4 corners of the card, and at the center of Wheel of Fortune lies. While Anubis at the bottom represents bad luck, the snake symbolizes wisdom and patience, and the sphinx at the top signals great luck all year round.

What does The Wheel of Fortune tarot card mean? In general, it means the circle of life has just turned your luck! Doors are opening and new lucrative beginnings are rolling in.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Wheel of Fortune card is drawn in the upright position: You are expanding your vision and luck in the destined path.

  • Work

Anything and anybody hindering your progress will be swept away. Good fortune is marching your front & your workspace will soon become a place of beaming and jolly moments.

  • Academics

Your academic productivity will increase, your social circle will expand, and your success will incrementally improve.

  • Affection

The Wheel of Fortune card indicates a fateful lover who was meant to be with you. Whoever this is, is the right person for you. Listen to the universe and watch this ultimate soul connection evolve into a power couple.

  • Mind

An old cycle ended, and now a new one begins. After wasting a humongous amount of your time pondering about your past mistakes, now is finally the time to move on.

wheel of fortune tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Wheel of Fortune card, you should pay attention to the following states:

  • Work

For managers, this can indicate losing control at the office. For workers, it can mean a streak of bad luck in the workspace or complete termination of your contract.

  • Academics

Your success may decrease due to a seemingly unending cycle of setbacks. Carefully note down your deadlines and midterm dates. The reversed Wheel of Fortune card can quickly catapult the situation and ignite a total mess.

  • Emotion

Unfortunately, your relationship may have to offer you some negative karmic lessons. The person you consider a soulmate can turn out to be the exact opposite.

  • Mind

Your past might be haunting you; bringing unpleasant memories to the surface, and challenging your peace. This is a time to let go of your control obsession and kindly accept what the stars have written for you.

No.11 The Justice tarot card meaning

justice tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Justice Tarot card is the 11th card in the Major Arcana. The number 11 is a master number that represents psychic powers, mystic pathways, and the duality of life.

  1. Patterns

The Justice card has a strong emphasis on the colors red and purple, both signaling the urgency of karmic matters. In the illustration, the judge holds a sword in one hand, and a scale in the other.

This not only visualizes the duality principle but also reminds humanity that true justice comes only when you judge with scale, and then give the much-needed punishment with a sword.

Please note that The Justice card works like a pendulum, it puts you on a test, then revisits you to see whether you made the right choice.

What does The Justice tarot card mean? In general, it means that whatever injustice was done to you will be restored.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Justice card is drawn in the upright position, this may happen: Being in a state of balance and using the law of attraction wisely is a shortcut to mastering the tarot’s teachings.

  • Work

You may find yourself in the middle of office drama and also need to make sure everyone’s needs and wants are met at work. Soon enough you will become quite popular in the company thanks to your diligence and integrity.

  • Academics

Academic-wise, you may observe a sudden increase in your interest regards to studying law. If you are already a law student, the appearance of The Justice card in a reading can indicate earning experience in a law firm or court.

This is also an ideal time to join volunteering organizations to fix the unfairness and bring more justice to the world.

  • Affection

The Justice card indicates a healthy and positive relationship gradually evolving into marriage. Count yourself lucky for having such a virtuous and truthful lover.

  • Mind

Your mind is busy calculating the outcome of every possible decision, but The Justice card wants you to know that good karma appreciates your efforts. If you are dealing with any sort of legal matter, it will all result in your favor.

justice tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Justice card, you should pay attention to the following states:

  • Work

Try compromise and diplomacy to negotiate your problems with your supervisors. But also beware that justice will become ever more elusive in your office.

  • Academics

Due to mishaps, you may have to repeat some classes or your application for a scholarship may get denied.

  • Emotion

Your partner may have suddenly pulled the rug under you, leaving you in pain and feeling severely punished.

The Justice card is the symbolization of the law of attraction; therefore, it tells you that you knowingly or not attracted this person into your life.

The good news is, that you are still in charge, so you can use the karma to attract better people and avoid such unpleasant surprises in the future.

  • Mind

You may wonder, “Is there any room for enhancement in this lifetime? Why is everything unfair to me?” Let’s get real: You are using the laws of the universe for your harm! Decode what is interfering with your progress and rewire your brain.

Leo Tarot Card: Forceful & Almighty Sovereign of the Zodiac

Leo Tarot Card

What Is Leo Tarot Card?

Leo is a powerful zodiac sign that embodies the strength and sparkle of the Sun. Just like Sun rules our solar system, Leo tarot card is the natural ruler of the zodiac. For thousands of years, natives associated Sun with light, health, and power.

Similarly, Leo zodiac sign incarnates the powers of the Sun, and rules the 5th house in astrology. This is the house of joy, celebrations, dating, children, and financial investments.

Leo is symbolized by Lion, the omnipotent king of the forest, and it seeks luxury and praise. Leos want everybody to know that they are specifically “precious” if they feel disrespected, they may force you to surrender & uphold them, which is a part of their shadow. Funny enough, they are always incredibly generous and loving to their small circle.

Leo’s element is a fixed fire, which can give some Leo people tunnel vision, and changing a Leo’s mind may become mission impossible.

This leads many to think of Leo as childish sign, however, there is much more than that. Health, wealth, children, power, and war are some of the themes explored in the tarot cards for Leo.

What Tarot Card Represents Leo?

Now let’s discover Leo in tarot cards:

The Sun is a Leo tarot card that heralds great joy! You are now free to be more creative and experience joy and celebrations. This is your time to shine and feel really confident.

Don’t be afraid to stand above the pack! The Sun is an indication that dark times are over and now you can confidently move forward.

leo tarot card reading

Any question which results in The Sun card is a solid YES! No matter what it is, it will have a positive effect on you. In career, The Sun implies that your business is taking off with fantastic results and you are flourishing! Maintain your self-confidence and self-value, and you’ll acquire even more!

In love, The Sun tarot card indicates a beautiful relationship where there is joy and no restriction on expressing who you are. You’re safe, loved, and nurtured.

Leo represents children so there might be a child joining your family in near future. If you are single, then this is a great time for going out and socializing! Potential partners will be drawn to your radiance!

The Strength is a tarot Leo card that indicates balance, willpower, and courage. Lately, you might have had intense fears that are holding you back. On the other hand, now you have the strength to get through.

The Strength tarot card reminds you that you are more resourceful and stronger than you think! Just tap into Leo’s strength & there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

In career, you are no longer a victim because you stepped into your power. Your relationship with your boss will improve & you may even get a promotion. The Strength is also a positive card for your love life, pointing out that you will progress in this relationship feeling empowered& generously loved.

In Minor Arcana, there are numerous tarot cards that represent Leo. To exemplify, Ace of Wands is a tarot card associated with Leo that embodies the Leo’s vigorous initiator spirit. In this card, the manifestation of desires comes pretty quick!

what tarot card represents leo

Ace of Wands signifies new energy, new physical action, and new forward movement. It shows you that now you have the physical strength to begin new projects. This is not a time to stand still & ponder. Get moving!

You may experience a sudden download of information and acquire a new sense of purpose for your career. Moreover, you may pivot what you are studying in college or switch jobs. You are now filled with creativity, passion, and high energy to be channeled into your career path!

For relationships, Ace of Wands indicates a new relationship or renewal of an existing relationship. There might be a possibility of pregnancy (just like other Leo cards). Overall, your love life will improve thanks to passionate encounters and generous gifts.

Six of Wands is another tarot card for Leo. It suggests a lot of positive movement and victory. You could be fulfilling goals and moving toward your purpose. This card tells you to congratulate yourself because you are nearly at the finish line. Consider Six of Wands as a very good omen since it radiates big success and victory around anything.

With this card, what you’ve put into action is cruising along nicely. You feel rejoiced because just defeated your enemies & they submitted to your power. In a relationship, Six of Wands may suggest a like-minded partner who shares similar goals & business opportunities that bring you even closer.

Nine of Wands is also a Leo sign tarot card that demonstrates exhaustion after a long battle. You may be in a situation where you feel utterly uncomfortable & feel the need to be defensive. This is a good time to dig deep into your spiritual reserves & keep persevering.

leo in tarot cards

You may feel like many people are coming up behind you. Try to solve this situation with solitude. You have the spiritual and emotional strength to fulfill your goals. Let go of past battles and burdens!

There might be some challenges present around your business, but with courage, you can fix them. It’s an ideal time to reflect on the past and acknowledge the strategies and plans that have worked for you/ or haven’t. Make sure to maintain your discipline and not get caught up in past strategies that didn’t work for your career.

If Nine of Wands appears in your love reading, then it may indicate some wounds from your past relationship that are preventing you to move forward. Similar to other Leo cards in tarot, Nine of Wands is about power struggle, but on steroids.

According to this card, you may be subjugating to your partner to avoid conflict. With courage and reflection, this relationship can be successful, but you will have to work on it. Release your past traumas and know that it is crucial to heal yourself before moving on to the next stage in your relationship.

Angel Oracle Cards: Godsend Messages from Above

angel oracle cards

From very early on, spiritualists believed that God taught the mysteries of life to the angels first. They educated Adam, and then he passed the secrets to humankind. Nowadays, many people are unaware of these sacred teachings and even forget how to connect with the divine world. Here Angel oracle cards come into play.

Angel oracle cards are a specific type of divination card designed to enhance the spiritual awareness of users. They can be used on their own or added to a tarot spread to acquire supplementary insight.

Some of the most common angels illustrated in these decks are Biblical Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and they are renowned for answering your questions, bestowing blessings, and helping you manifest your heart’s desires.

Not only Angel cards would not interfere with your religiosity, but as a matter of fact, they can even enhance your understanding of God.

As you dive deep into your spiritual journey, Angel cards can offer you wonderful company and bring good energy. Their presence in your life would raise your vibration, enable you to discover other dimensions, and channel the messages from otherworldly entities.

For some people, the messages channeled by tarot cards such as the Rider-Waite deck can be a bit harsh, but Angel oracle card readings will always be easy on you.

When in need of help, cleanse your deck, shuffle it, and pick a card. The higher the concentration, the better your reading will be. The most common angel card readings are as short as a one-card pull or a 3-time spread (past, present, future).

angel oracle cards


Best Angel oracle cards are the ones that you feel spiritually aligned with. Once you feel empowered in the presence of your Angel card deck, then no one can take away that awakened intuition. If you find yourself in a confused state of mind, be in the gratitude mindset and turn to your Angel Answers oracle cards.

Ask them openly and your angels will show you the right path in the most tender way. Although an angel oracle deck can be used for any question in life, note that if you are on the quest seeking answers to bigger questions in life, then The Archangel oracle cards might be a better fit for you.

Archangels are incredibly enlightened spiritual beings, and they are always ready to offer their wisdom.

Archangel oracle cards

Archangels are great because none of them will ever judge you or make you feel bad yourself. But among all, Archangel Michael stands out. He is the greatest because he never turns his back on anyone.

Michael will always be there for you when you ask for his protection. He can aid you with finding your life mission as well. If you want to deepen your connection with him, sleeping or meditating with Archangel Michael’s oracle cards Doreen Virtue can be very helpful.

Another wonderful Archangel is Gabriel, he is known as the great messenger and can be a fantastic company especially if you are an artist or writer. Start your day with Archangel Gabriel’s oracle cards and enjoy the encouraging messages that he brings to you.

Gabriel will find a way to uplift your spirit and relieve your stress. If you are an entrepreneur looking for new ideas all day every day, then Archangel Gabriel can boost your energy and creative expression, making things much easier for you.

When people are first introduced to the presence of angels, it is completely normal to have conflicting emotions. Luckily, there are so many options out there that anyone and everyone can find a suitable deck for them.

For example, if you are suffering from a lack of emotional support, an incredibly effective method is healing with the angel’s oracle cards. Archangel animal oracle cards can help ease your pain and gain your strength back.

Archangel animal oracle cards

Moreover, if you are a crystal collector who believes in the magic of rocks, Crystal Angels oracle cards can benefit you greatly. Crystals are specific rock formations that possess the power to collect and emit light, therefore, they can augment the beneficial energies of angels exponentially and aid you with your spiritual journey.

Thanks to the rise of New Age practices, Karma became a hot topic that everyone knows a little bit about. One of the growing subjects related to Karma is Ancestorial worshipping, and many people want to build altars in their homes in order to connect with their deceased relatives.

However, this type of communication requires utmost patience and may not be suitable for everybody. If you have limited opportunities but desire to connect with your loved ones, try Angels and Ancestors oracle cards.

You will be able to build a genuine connection with your loved ones, and they will guide you by sending you messages via this deck when you ask for their help.

Angels and Ancestors oracle cards

There’s so much to enjoy in life, and love is perhaps the most etheric energy in the universe that brings us the jolliest moments. The Romance Angels oracle cards are perfect if you are in the romantic mood and determined to learn more about your partner, or about your relationship in general!

This deck can help you detect any third-party situation and solve it immediately. It would also be helpful if you are trying to enhance intimacy and deepen your sacred connection with your partner.

In addition to their emotional support, Angels can assist with your business and investments as well. You may be at a crossroads pondering for hours and still unable to find a satisfying answer. This happens to the best of us, luckily, we have angels on our side whom we can consult.

Angels of Abundance oracle cards are specifically designed to bring clarity to financial matters and assist you with making choices when consulted.

This deck is specifically great because meditating or sleeping with it will shift you from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset, and you won’t need anything ever again, because the universe will supply before you even demand.

Angels of Abundance oracle cards

What Do Tarot Cards Mean? A Tarot Meaning List With Pictures For Beginners 2

What Do Tarot Cards Mean

In the last article, we introduced the meaning of the Fool, the Magician, and the High Priestess tarot cards. Next, we will continue to explain the No.3~5 Major Arcana cards.

What Do Tarot Cards Mean?

No.3 The Empress tarot card meaning

The Empress Tarot Card
  1. Numbers

The Empress tarot card is the 3rd card of the Major Arcana. The number 3 symbolizes vitality, joy, and children. Despite being an odd number, 3 in this card represents a feminine energy that nurtures deeply from the heart.

  1. Patterns

In terms of color, the overall tone is a warm yellow, symbolizing positivity and abundance. Venus symbol etched in a heart right beside her throne symbolizes love and sexuality, and the possibility of pregnancy. 

Red roses on her dress represent the nurturing qualities of a potential partner and her lovely crown demonstrates that she is a powerful ruler who enjoys her reign.

The Empress tarot card is the embodiment of the earth element as she rules over agriculture, love and relationships, and success.

What does The Empress tarot card mean? In general, it means: Now is a good time to meet a loving partner and start a long-lasting relationship that is based on mutual trust and benefits.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If The Empress card is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: You are likely to start a new relationship that brings a sense of material security into your life. 

The Empress card also indicates balance and beauty, so this is a time where you can find balance at work and play, and finally have your glow-up.

  • Work

You will have opportunities to give birth to creative projects. The Empress card is specifically a good omen for artists and writers who need daily inspiration. You can also receive a bonus or promotion that will eventually bring financial abundance.

  • Academics

Academically, the person will enter an incredibly productive period. Your hard work and sleepless nights will be rewarded, and now you can enjoy your time because Venus (Empress) is on your side.

  • Affection

The Empress card is one of the luckiest cards when it comes to love and relationships. It indicates progress in your affairs, such as spoiling your partner with luxury gifts (an engagement ring perhaps!) or moving into a new house. 

If you are trying to conceive, it can indicate pregnancy too. The Empress card is the patron of romantic relationships and is believed to bring blessings to those acknowledge who her strength.

  • Mind

On the mental and spiritual level, you are enjoying the fruits of your efforts. You are calm and choose to see the beauty in everything.

The Empress Tarot Card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Empress card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

At work, you might be facing a dominant woman who is bossing you around and challenging your decisions.

  • Academics

You may feel a change in your academic environment where you experience delays and postponements. You may feel like your professors or authorities above are ignoring you. 

In addition, Venus rules your valuable items (laptop, headphones, etc.). Thus, you may be experiencing a streak of bad luck with your study equipment.

  • Emotion

Stop wasting time on a lover with commitment issues. He/she might be older than you and trying to take advantage of your goodwill. On another level, there might be unwanted or problematic pregnancy, or emotional problems emerging from a child’s situation.

  • Mind

You may feel very unsupported or even challenged by a woman. She may give you anxiety or affect your overall productivity badly. This might be a period which you lack harmony and balance in your thoughts.

No.4 The Emperor tarot card meaning

The Emperor tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Emperor tarot card is the No.4 card in the Major Arcana. The number 4 symbolizes stability, solid foundations, and family. Furthermore, 4 is a good provider and a family person but can be very sturdy and authoritative too.

  1. Patterns

In terms of color, the overall tone of the Emperor tarot card is fiery red which demonstrates power and leadership from a stern perspective. Four ram symbols (Aries) are carved on his throne, and they once more emphasize the importance of authority and being at the top. 

In general, The Emperor card means: Focus on victory and lead your way, but if you fail to achieve the intended outcome, you will be bound to someone else’s authority.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If tarot card Emperor is drawn in the upright position, it may happen: Your husband, father, or boss might be limiting your movement and restraining your power. 

Discussing this softly won’t help you out. This is a time that you need to be more proactive and seek your rights more aggressively.

  • Work

When The Emperor card comes upright, you are at the top and dominating your colleagues, mastering discipline, and concentrating more power.

  • Academics

Academically, this is a lucky situation because fatherly professors will be favoring you. You will be under their wings, and you can start a project that will have solid foundations thanks to them.

  • Affection

Your partner might be always ready for an argument and making you angry, but keep your chin high because you are entering a phase where he will be empowering you and acknowledging your strengths.

  • Mind

On the mental and spiritual level, you are eager to expand your network and get more people to subdue your authority. You think and feel like an army commander and people around you will feel this incredible energy too & obey your desires.

The Emperor tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed The Emperor card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

At work, you are dealing with a stubborn boss who perpetually abuses his power. He is very controlling and demanding, however, he may not even know things work there. 

This is a good time to mirror him and evaluate where you lack discipline and knowledge in your own life.

  • Academics

Your professors might be very rigid and hurtful. Since this is reversed position, you should expect some delays or even mistakes regarding your exam results.

  • Emotion

Your partner may be excessively controlling your surroundings, checking your friends, and trying to limit your circle. You have to notify him about your boundaries otherwise you will fall weak in this relationship.

  • Mind

Because of all the burdens on your shoulders, you may feel like your batteries are completely drained. Nonetheless, this is an auspicious time to change your landscape and socialize with uplifting people.

No.5 The Hierophant tarot card meaning

The Hierophant tarot card
  1. Numbers

The Hierophant is the 5th card in the Tarot. The number 5 emphasizes mysticism, passion, and living your life quite dramatically as if it is a theater scene.

  1. Patterns

The Hierophant card is illustrated with red and white, symbolizing duality: Leadership and competence in the real world but also keeping the soul pure for the esoteric world.

The landscape behind the Hierophant is a representation of the traditional masculine men who uses religion as a means of power and manipulates large masses in one finger move.

In general, The Hierophant tarot card means: It’s an ideal time to dive deep into your spiritual journey because you are open to receiving messages from above.

  1. Upright and Reversed

If the Hierophant card is drawn in the upright position: Spiritual awakening is at the door, and you will succeed in your endeavors as long as you respect the boundaries set by your religion.

  • Work

Your work environment may involve an older man who is trying to “correct” you. Avoid experimentation and stick to traditional methods, then things will improve relatively quickly.

  • Academics

Academically, you might be studying theology or something pretty conventional. Whenever you feel confused, turn to your teachers because their divine wisdom and good advice will help you level up beyond your imagination.

  • Affection

Among all tarot cards The Hierophant is the most traditional and religious one. This card can also indicate marrying an Orthodox partner who is a bit overbearing.

  • Mind

On the spiritual level, you are eager to learn new aspects of your religion and perhaps looking for books, videos, and all types of resources to satisfy your hunger for metaphysical knowledge.

The Hierophant tarot card reversed

If you draw a reversed the Hierophant card, you should pay attention to the following status:

  • Work

Your colleagues might be radical people who judge your appearance and background. You might be punished for not following the rules religiously. 

Ignoring established values or openly rebelling won’t yield positive results. Try compromising and finding the middle ground.

  • Academics

You might be questioning your moral values or internally evaluating one of your teacher’s ethical standpoint. You may have been taken advantage of in school or treated unfairly by people.

in authority. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little longer for your right to be restored and their mistake to be understood.

  • Emotion

You might be dragging an outdated relationship because of familial reasons. The Hierophant tells you to prioritize your heart over your mind and get your freedom back. Others’ opinions or expectations shouldn’t interfere with your life choices.

  • Mind

You might be following a belief that is not nurturing your soul or helping you out in your career. Matter of fact, what you believe might be hindering your intellectual processes and killing your creativity.