Pisces Tarot Card: Spiritual Messenger from Higher Realms

pisces tarot card

What Is Pisces Tarot Card?

Pisces tarot card is the final sign in the zodiac, and it represents spiritual awareness, unity, fulfillment, and mastering the lessons of life. It rules the 12th house in astrology which is the house of hidden realms, the subconscious mind, and secrets.

In classical astrology, it is considered that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. However, modern astrologers argue that Pisces fits better into the mystic and dreamy context of Neptune.

Since Pisces is a very adaptable sign, it can be concluded that both planets equally influence Pisces people.

According to modern astrology, Pisces is related to self-sacrifice and unconditional love. Pisces is an intuitive water sign which makes it intertwined with occult sciences and the psychic world.

For centuries, Pisces is illustrated as two fishes swimming in different directions. These two fishes are thought to be Aphrodite and her lover Adonis escaping from their enemies. They tried to swim in the same direction, but the Nile River didn’t allow them.

In Ancient Greece, Aphrodite was idealized as the goddess of beauty and fertility. Due to her creation story in the Mediterranean Sea, local women worshiped her to conceive.

Aphrodite was a Pisces figure that welcomed everyone in her temples. She was very gentle and generous with her gifts and blessed many with wonderful children.

What Tarot Card Represents Pisces?

Now that we have covered the background, let’s dive into the tarot card that represents Pisces:

The High Priestess is a Pisces tarot card in Major Arcana. It is the card of spiritual openings and psychic messages. This card tells you that you are in a position where you’ll be using your intuition to make decisions.

pisces tarot card reading

The High Priestess tarot card informs you that this is a good time to go within and meditate. Moreover, you should pay more attention to the synchronicities and symbols, especially the repeating number 2.

In business, The High Priestess wants you to navigate your career using intuition. Perhaps you should start taking psychic development courses or ask the spirits/deities or your angel guides to help you.

The High Priestess card can also suggest a career where you heal people, either in medicinal or spiritual ways.

If love is the discussion matter, then The High Priestess might be pointing out that you should listen to your hunch when deciding if he/she is the right person for you.

The High Priestess is a Pisces Major Arcana tarot card that represents secrets as well. If it is accompanied by The Devil card or Three of Swords, it can indicate the presence of a third-party situation (possibly a woman’s presence) in your relationship.

The Two of Cups is a profound tarot card for Pisces. It symbolizes a strong and sacred union both in business and romance. This is a very positive card for relationships because it indicates equal give and take.

In your career sector, Two of Cups is about working in a partnership where everybody feels appreciated and benefits equally. In this job, you will no longer feel worn out or taken advantage of.

In love, Two of Cups signifies deep spiritual connections that is leading to marriage. If you are single, get in the mood for celebration because your luck has just turned! You are likely to meet your soulmate and enjoy a harmonious unity!

Seven of Cups is also a Pisces card in tarot. It represents a situation where you have several choices and feel confused. You might be considering whether to switch jobs, move somewhere new or would it just be better to prioritize your love life.

what tarot card represents pisces

These questions can pull you in different directions but seriously, you can’t dance at two weddings. Ignore the pressure from others and know that only the choices coming from your heart will fulfill themselves.

You may have multiple career paths ahead, but you shouldn’t be choosing based on other people’s expectations. To avoid deception, you should turn within just like a Pisces would do.

Seven of Cups might be confusing you in the love department as well. It would be wise for you to withdraw and ask yourself what you really want. The right answer will come through your dreams.

Nine of Swords is another intuitive tarot card of Pisces. In general, it symbolizes the anxiety that is stemming from overthinking. In your work sector, your thoughts are hunting your mind and causing you great distress.

You might think you are not doing or achieving enough. But beware that you might be blowing things out of proportion.

Nine of Swords may indicate nightmares or insomnia as well. This is a time that you need extra psychic protection, so don’t forget to sage your house and pray.

Nine of Swords may point out excess fears about a romantic relationship too. You might fear that your partner doing a number behind your back or feel that no one loves you.

You could be worrying unnecessarily. Turn to your dreams to figure out what the source of fear is. Please realize that you’ve been through the worst, and things are actually about to improve for you.

Just like other Pisces tarot cards, Ten of Cups is also very emotional. This card suggests a strong sense of joy and belonging.

tarot card for pisces

For your career, Ten of Cups indicates a joyous work environment where people act from their heart. You have a sense of community and respect in your workplace and feel that your colleagues treat you like family.

Ten of Cups will bring you either a raise, bonus or a title promotion. This will make you feel appreciated and emotionally fulfilled in your career path.

When it comes to love, Ten of Cups is one of the best tarot cards in Minor Arcana. Because it makes you feel safe and honored, and there’s a lot of joy in your current relationship.

It symbolizes a relationship that will lead to marriage or an addition to your family as in the case of pregnancy. In either case, Ten of Cups will give you a lot of reasons to celebrate.

Libra Tarot Card: Lifelong Journey for Justice and Balance

libra tarot card

What Is Libra Tarot Card?

Libra is the most graceful, diplomatic, and compromising sign in astrology, and it is ruled by charming Venus. Libra rules the 7th house which is associated with mutual companionship, marriage, and open enemies. Libra tarot card‘s element is air and Libra cards in tarot are mostly depicted in the swords suit.

From time to time, Libra can be a bit self-absorbed and insincere, and numerous famous politicians have significant Libra placements. They utilize their potential best when they use their sweet tongue to persuade masses.

What Tarot Card Represents Libra?

Libra is symbolized by a scale, and always tries being as just as possible. In addition, Libra tactfully encourages reconciliation both in romantic relationships and political deadlocks. It would be fair to say that The Justice tarot card is the most akin tarot card associated with Libra.

what tarot card is libra

This card tells you that whatever seeds you sow is now coming back to you. If you put hard work, then you’ll be rewarded. However, if you made unjust decisions, then you will be facing some legal consequences.

The Justice tarot card tells you that only way to get that promotion is to have integrity. If you are constantly complaining, you can’t expect your job to improve. Be honest and truthful, and then universe will bless you.

Furthermore, The Justice card may signify some contracts being signed so definitely keep your hopes up! If you are already dealing with the court over disputes, the final decision will be in your favor.

In love, The Justice usually signifies a period where you sign contracts and get married. If this card appears reversed, then it may point out some commitment issues in your relationship.

If you are single, The Justice card wants you to evaluate yourself before getting into a new relationship. Do not put yourself in a difficult situation with a knowingly toxic person, otherwise you may get your share from their karmic debts.

Another Libra tarot card is The Empress tarot card. This is the card of fertility, beauty, and prosperity. It represents the balance of material abundance and the creative world. If other pregnancy cards also present in your reading, then The Empress may augur a child.

tarot card for libra today

The Empress can also indicate that a female in your life has been very nurturing lately. It can suggest working in a very nurturing/ feminine business, and highlight that now is the ideal time to find your confidence and discover your divine feminine.

In love, The Empress means that both you and your partner are going to be creating a new project together. Your relationship is blooming and moving into the next chapter. For singles, this card indicates that you are becoming more physically attractive and about to start a new relationship. Woo-hoo!

Queen of Swords is also a tarot card of Libra. This truthful witty Queen tells you that you are about a make a life-altering decision. You are a powerful person, and logic and reason are your allies.

You have a great mind and you can solve any problem. You will succeed over your enemies as long as you organize your thoughts & plan your future, and abstain from mulling over past. Your ability to assess situations quickly will help you ascend in your career.

If you are interested in building a family, you may have to revise your behaviors. You have been independent for some time, and you may experience complications adjusting to another person’s presence. If accompanied by The Tower or The Devil card, Queen of Swords can indicate single parenthood or divorce as well.

For singles, Queen of Swords is warning you to let go of your past and have faith in your potential future partner. They may actually exceed your expectations & offer you a lovely environment.

Another powerful tarot card for Libra is Two of Swords. If you picked this card, you’re probably sitting on the fence. Due to the emotional density of the situation you are in, you might be suffering from mental confusion and conflict. However, it would be better to make a decision rather than worrying and remaining at the crossroads.

tarot card for libra

You may not know the right answer and feel trapped. Retreating from present moment may help with anxiety and can bring new insight. Know that once you made the decision, you will feel relieved at your new purpose.

In love, Two of Swords wants you to withdraw temporarily to sort out your feelings. If you are wondering whether you should leave this relationship, this card would advise you to give it a bit more time, face the fears that hold you in this relationship, and make your decision when the clarity comes.

If you are single, then Two of Swords can beckon your fears of losing a potential partner. Remember, if that person is not meant for you, he/she can’t stay anyways. Release your fears and manifest a person who brings you genuine happiness.

Lastly, Four or Swords is another tarot card representing Libra. Four or Swords suggests a time for rest and the need to retreat from your current situation. You are exhausted and need to pull back to discover the answers.

what tarot card represents libra

This card usually pops up to people who are giving too much that they are becoming worn out. Go to mountains, have some “me time”, and clear your min so that you can recuperate.

In career, you might be worrying too much but this is not a good time to actively work. Stress can cause huge blockages in your mind which might be the main reason hindering your progress at work. You need some solitude and rest, and without following these steps, you can’t end your mental anguish.

When it comes to love, Four or Swords may indicate a phase of withdrawal or even breakup. Both you and your partner are aware that something is off about this relationship. If you feel battered, spend some alone time, and let the new insight in. Remember, Four or Swords offers you healing, not emotional loss.

How To Choose a Tarot Deck: A Definitive Tarot Guide

Choose A Tarot Deck

The question that how to choose a tarot deck may at first seem simple, but there are several aspects to consider when picking the deck that’s right for you.

Choosing a Tarot deck is a deeply personal endeavor, however, many people believe that the first deck should be given to you as a gift, not bought yourself. If this isn’t your first deck, though, the main things to consider are the intuitive feeling you get when looking at and holding the deck, how much you resonate with the imagery/colors, and the price and size of the deck.

We’re going to take you through the ultimate guide to picking your own Tarot cards and all the aspects you should consider before deciding.

Choose a Tarot Deck: Consider The Initial Connection

Establish a Connection with the Deck

The Tarot is all about feeling and intuition, and this applies more than ever when choosing which deck is right for you. Whether you’re looking at buying a new deck, or simply deciding which one to use for a particular reading, you must tune into how you feel.

In today’s world, you may likely buy Tarot cards online, which can make this part more difficult. However, doing research and looking into individual blog reviews or YouTube reviews is a great way to view some of the imagery and get a feel for which deck you are drawn to.

choose your own tarot cards

Choose a Tarot Deck That Reflects You

As Sarah Potter, a well-regarded Tarot reader, once said, “Select a deck that you find yourself in and that offers the right mirror”. While it is possible to build a connection with your deck and this will happen as you use it, there will come a deck that immediately hits you with a sense of recognition – this is what to look out for.

The Tarot is a tool of reflection. Any reading, whether for yourself or someone else, will have elements of yourself and your story weaved throughout. All readings are done so through the lens of the reader – you – and all interpretations of the message are channeled through your experiences and beliefs.

So, choosing a deck that feels deeply personal will help you to better understand the messages being given.

Assess the Theme and Characteristics of the Deck

Explore The Imagery of the Cards

If you don’t have a connection to the imagery or words used on the deck, it will make doing a successful reading difficult.

Everyone has their preferences – some will love the look and feel of faeries and woodland nymphs, some will like the classic Rider-Waite imagery, and others may prefer more cartoon-style imagery, for example, the Crystal Unicorn Tarot Cards. There’s even a Star Wars Tarot deck on the market, so truly something for everyone.

CMYK Printing Matte Lamination The Crystal Unicorn Tarot Cards 4

Look around and get a feel for what’s available – we have a handy comparison table towards the end of this article and a catalog of decks to browse on our website here.

Do You Like The Feel of The Deck?

The fundamentals of the deck are also important:

  • Do you like the size of the deck in your hand?
  • Do you like the feel of the card stock?
  • Are the cards matte or glossy?
  • Do they come in a nice display box?

While these aspects of the deck are somewhat superficial, they’re still an important part of your experience with the cards. You’re less likely to pick up and use a deck that doesn’t feel good in your hands, so make sure to consider this when choosing yours.

Can You Sense Meanings/Messages From The Imagery?

This is truly one of the most important parts of choosing a deck – can you actually decipher any messages?

If you don’t resonate at all with the imagery depicted then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to create any meaningful interpretations. Go with your gut – you’ll often find that messages start coming to you straight away when you find an art style you connect with, so if this happens take it as a clear sign that it’s meant for you.

powerful guidebook love oracle cards deck printing 6

Check the Creator of the Tarot Deck

There are many creators of Tarot decks and some are more proficient in the art than others. While it is not essential that the creator is someone you’ve heard of or is well-known in the world of Tarot, it is important that you feel that they’re responsible and have a deep understanding of the importance of the craft.

We recommend searching the author to get some quick information, Google or YouTube are your friends here, to find out some background information.

The standard number of Tarot cards in a deck is 78, so if you want a classic layout make sure to look out for this number – if the creator has used a different Tarot system then this is something you need to be aware of (in reality, Tarot can only be 78, so anything other is not really Tarot).

Is the Size Usable and Are They In Your Budget?

Fundamentally, when deciding the best tarot cards to buy the price of the deck will of course have a bearing on your desire to purchase them. Some Tarot decks can go for hundreds of dollars, whereas others you can pick up for little more than a couple of cups of coffee.

We recommend choosing a deck that’s made of good quality cardstock so that they last longer. Below we’ve done a short round-up of some popular decks to give an indication of price range and the types of reader they would be best suited for.

Deck NamePrice (at time of publishing)Size (in/cm)Good for…
Rider-Waite$19.984.96 x 2.91/12.6 x 7.4Beginners who want to learn the basics
Light Seer’s Tarot (Large Tarot Cards)$14.994.75 × 2.75/12 x 7Those who love cartoon-style illustration
The Wild Unknown Tarot~ $227.7 x 5.1/19.5 x 13 (box size)Those who love animal imagery
Modern Witch Tarot Deck$13.493.46 x 5.28/8.8 x 13.4Wannabe witches who love bright colors

Our Recommendations for Tarot Decks

The best recommendation when looking for a Tarot deck for beginners is to choose something with a lot of symbolism. This will make it much easier to interpret the meanings without having to look at the handbook, as you can use your intuition to suggest what the symbols are trying to say.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck

tarot cards in a deck

It’s impossible to create an article on the Tarot without recommending the classic Rider-Waite Deck for beginners. Created in 1909, this is considered by many to be the original interpretation of the Tarot and has sold over 100 million copies.

This deck will help you get to grips with the themes and stories behind each card in a grounded way, meaning you can branch out and ascribe your interpretations to more modern Tarot decks confidently.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Cards

how to choose tarot cards

The Wild Unknown Tarot is an incredibly popular deck that, due to its plentiful symbolism, makes it a great one for beginners. It has a slightly dark undertone to it thanks to the scratchy pencil drawings, but the animal characters help to bring it to life.

The Easy Tarot Deck

choose tarot card

This is a great one to choose if you want to get really clear on how to use the cards and what they mean. It comes with an in-depth guidebook and the images on the cards are very clear and bright, making them fun to use.

Final Thoughts

The beginning of your journey with a Tarot deck is a special time of opportunity and intrigue. The best advice to give when choosing your own tarot cards is to trust your instincts and choose the deck that most calls to you. When you do this, you’ll create a connection that will enable clear and accurate readings every time.

The 2 Better Ways To Make Your Own Tarot Cards

make your own tarot cards

It is probably one of the strongest desires of every tarot reader or enthusiast to have their own deck of custom tarot cards. This is because you will unconsciously integrate the Tarot into your life and mind, and generate your own unique insights in learning the Tarot.

Then, you will want to make your own tarot cards that can display these subjective feelings, life experiences, and creativity of yours.

However, once you have the design all done, how to make the custom tarot deck into a realistically finished product is probably one of the most troubling issues. Here will introduce several better ways of making and printing custom tarot cards.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose the most suitable one according to your specific situation. So can you make your own tarot cards? Of course yes!

make tarot cards

How to make your own tarot cards?

1. Handmade your own tarot cards

As a matter of fact, many tarot masters in history made their own tarot. The tarot is the amplifier of the user’s psychic sense, so the more familiar the owner is, the more contact the tarot has, the better the divination effect will be.

The tacit understanding and divination results of a handmade tarot card will be significantly better than a purchased tarot card.

If you are not familiar with drawing and design, you can choose to find the printable tarot cards you want on the Internet, books, newspapers, and magazines, and then use the cut-and-paste method to put together the card face you want, and finally use the printer to indent on the cardboard.

If you have reached a certain level of drawing and design, then you can try to make your own tarot cards by following these 3 steps.

1) Choose Paper

You need to choose 2 kinds of paper, one is thin and soft, preferably with some degree of clarity, to depict images and numbers. The other is a hard paper used as a card base. The degree of hardness should not be too thick, otherwise, it will not be convenient for shuffling.

Also, the texture of the paper must be good enough to withstand prolonged touching, shuffling, and stacking, and the color of the paper should be pure white or light yellow.

how to make tarot cards

Then, you can start cutting the paper. There are no mandatory requirements for the specific paper, but it should be noted that the Tarot is a square card with rounded corners.

That is, after you cut the Tarot into suitable small and large squares, but also the four corners are trimmed into the curvature of the same rounded corners, and the corners can not be hairy.

2) Choose Brushes And Paints

Generally speaking, the steps of drawing tarot cards are to draw the base with a pencil first, then use a neutral pen to outline, and finally use gouache or watercolor to color.

Here, direct coloring tools such as crayons and colored pencils are not recommended, otherwise, the effect of the tarot will be affected.

how to make your own tarot cards

3) Frame And Draw

The so-called tracing frame is to split out the numerical part of the tarot card and the picture part. Here is a small tip, the numbers usually occupy about 1/4 of the area in the tarot card, and a certain gap (border) needs to be left near the edge of the tarot card.

Thus it prevents the pattern from getting too close to the edge and causing color loss or damage when shuffling the cards. The width of each side of the border is usually 1/20 of the entire tarot deck.

The next step is drawing, which is the most crucial step in make your own tarot cards. It is recommended that you draw only one Major Arcana per day and complete one set of Minor Arcana per day (i.e. Sword, Chalice, Coin and Scepter must be completed in 4 days).

When drawing, you must meditate or recall the meanings of the cards drawn, keywords, representing gods and goddesses, representing astrological signs, etc. Otherwise, the final effect of the Tarot may be affected, too.

2. Professional Printing

Although hand-made custom tarot cards have very important value and significance, it is obvious that the process is very complicated and the efficiency is very slow.

At the same time, this method can generally only achieve ordinary coloring, die-cutting, laminating, etc., which is far from our requirements for a professional tarot deck.

Therefore, it is recommended to look for a tarot card maker who specializes in tarot card printing to help you create outstanding artwork smoothly. So, which custom tarot card maker should you choose?

tarot card maker

You can indeed choose the largest printing companies in the world, such as USPCC, MPC, and so on. They have rich experience and strength in card printing and have their own special development paper. This way, you almost never have to worry about quality. The problem, though, is that they are generally more expensive, and many people can’t afford them.

In addition, they are more focused on playing cards, game cards, and other fields. If your budget is not too high, you can consider choosing some relatively less well-known suppliers, such as WJPC.

They are more cost-effective, and have a relatively deep technical foundation and experience in tarot card printing. Besides, it is also more flexible and cooperative to treat individual customers.

No matter which manufacturer you choose in the end, you need to examine their relevant strengths in advance:

  • Tarot cards generally have high requirements for color. Whether there has a professional printing press and color management system, so that can strictly control the color.
  • Tarot cards need to be touched, flipped, shuffled and other actions frequently, and they are not disposable consumables. Is there a variety of craftsmanship that can meet different production requirements, and ensure that the cards have excellent touch, smoothness, stiffness, retention, etc?
  • Making tarot cards is by no means easy, whether there has professional graphic design, printing technology, quality inspection, pre-sales, after-sales service, etc., so that can help you get the finished product more easily.
custom tarot cards

After the supplier of cooperation has probably been determined, the process of negotiating the production can begin.

Some suppliers offer online design customization services, you just need to open their website, and follow the prompts to create your own design, card size, number of cards, instructions, brochures, or any accessories and packaging.

Then, you can appreciate your work step by step from a virtual picture to real artwork. Don’t worry if you encounter a problem, there will be professional and free graphic design consultants to help you all the way.

Once the finished product is out, you can collect it yourself, or choose to self-publish it on their online store and sell it to people all over the world. Detailed steps are as follows:

1) Select Parameters

Usually, designing a perfect tarot deck should start with detailed specifications of the cards, including Quantity, Card Stock, Print Type, Dimensions, Finish, and so on.

For example, among card stock, the best papers for making tarot cards are the German card stock with black core (Kohler playing cardboard) and the Italian card stock with black core.

They have higher paper stiffness, smoothness, and toughness, and can achieve strong opacity, but are also more expensive. The more common ones are two sides coated art paper with white core, high standard card stock with blue core (smooth finish), and 100% premium white plastic card stock.

They are relatively cost-effective and can meet the color, stiffness, and transparency required for general tarot cards.

custom tarot deck

If you want to sell your tarot cards, then you also need to customize card packaging, booklet, and so on in order to help your customers better understand the mysteries and save them. Again, there are very rich details to choose from on these two items.

2) Use The Template

  • Upload your images:

First, you need to design your cards on your computer. Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator are both good design tools, but they require some skill to use. Once the design is complete, you can log in to the platform and upload your card images.

You can choose to use the same picture and number for each tarot card, or use a different picture and number for each tarot card. Please make sure that the pixels are clear and that everything in the image is within the borders. You can use the tool to keep adjusting and cropping until it meets the requirements.

printable tarot cards
  • Add text:

You can put your text in the right place and set its size, color, alignment, etc. Carefully check that all spellings are correct before saving. You don’t want to receive a deck of tarot cards with lots of mistakes, do you?

  • Confirm the preview images and generate:

Now you have finished the template design, the platform will automatically show the preview images of the product and prompt you if there is an error. After confirming that there are no errors, click “add to chart” and you can successfully send the order to the supplier.

After all these steps, the pre-production of your tarot deck is done! Next, just wait for the supplier’s professional staff to reach out to you.

print tarot cards

Being able to create a deck of your own tarot cards is a great sense of accomplishment. Whether you want to do it all by yourself or with the help of a professional, it’s not a bad idea. The most important thing is that you must be careful to understand every detail and know what you are doing from start to finish.

Of course, there is no shame in temporary ignorance. Whatever questions you may have, such as design, production, shipping, or even Kickstarter‘s project, we will provide you with detailed answers and guidance.

5 Practical FAQ On How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards

Improving the accuracy of tarot divination is actually a very complex process that requires the involvement of many parties and conditions to cooperate. As tarot readers and tarot seekers, we need to be fully committed to all aspects of divination in order to get the most desirable results. Among them, how to shuffle tarot cards is a more important issue.

However, for shuffling tarot cards, there is actually no standard process worldwide. Most of the tarot deck operations were established by popular usage. In this process, there are numerous sayings and choices, and many tarot card beginners just don’t know which one to choose. This article will share some common shuffling methods, you can refer to it and then adjust it according to your personal situation.

tarot divination

Why Should We Shuffle Tarot Cards? Purpose Of The Tarot Shuffle

Tarot deck needs to be shuffled. Firstly, this is to purify the energy and information left over from the last card draw. If you are using a new tarot deck that is opened for the first time, it is also necessary to shuffle tarot for the second reason described next, allowing the tarot cards to be sufficiently disordered and reverted to a disorderly and random state. This will enable the tarot divination results to work properly, rather than making the seeker predict which cards can be drawn in which location.

In addition, the way the tarot cards are shuffled is different from the way the poker cards are shuffled for entertainment. This is because the size of tarot cards is generally larger than poker cards (the common size of tarot is 70*120mm, and poker size is 63*88mm), heavier, and has more surface craftsmanship. If you shuffle the cards like poker, it is easy to break or age the tarot cards.

Disorderly Tarot

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards?

After emphasizing the importance of shuffling, you may be confused by the dazzling tarot card shuffling methods available on the internet. You may be torn between shuffling clockwise or counterclockwise, shuffling manually, or by tarot card shuffler…

Ensuring the randomness of the draw results is the fundamental purpose of tarot shuffling. Then, with this premise intact, any form and method of shuffling, cutting, and drawing is feasible. If you want a professional, standard, and ritualistic process, then you first have to develop a fixed habit. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and when you can perform a whole set of shuffling actions in a flowing manner, you will naturally show your professionalism.

For those tarot card beginners, here is a better or the best way to shuffle tarot cards:

Key points extracted:

  • Shuffle direction: right-handed with clockwise, left-handed with counterclockwise
  • Shuffling skills: focused and calm
  • Number of shuffling turns: more than 3 turns
  • Shuffling tools: hands and a piece of velvet
  1. Prepare beforehand

First of all, you need to wash your hands clean. This is for the sake of personal hygiene, but also to prevent the cards from getting dirty. Second, you can put a piece of velvet under the deck. This is because the surface of some tables or supports is too smooth and the deck may spin and be uneven when you shuffle it.

The velvet can increase the abrasion and also prevent the deck from wearing out or getting dirty. If you often take your cards to various places, it is important to find a favorite and commonly used cloth to protect your cards and to look at the familiar base color every time you divine, you will not be easily distracted.

Tarot Cloth
  1. Start shuffling

There are a total of two different shuffling actions. These two actions should be repeated for each divination.

First, place the back of the cards face up and stack them flush in your hand. Concentrate on your mind and don’t think about anything. Then, begin to obey your will by pulling out a portion of the cards from the middle and placing them at the top of the original deck. Repeat the same action several times, as many times as you wish.

Second, place the cards on a flat surface, spread them out in a circle, and then begin shuffling them in circles with both hands in the same direction. As you shuffle the cards, keep silently stating in your mind the question you are about to divine, as well as thinking about the card formation you are about to employ.

How To Shuffle Tarot Cards2

After shuffling more than 3 rounds, listen to your inner voice and you will feel out when you can stop. Or, you can let the seeker decide when to stop shuffling. At this point, gather the cards slowly (don’t forget to still do it in the same direction) and finally restore it to a stack and place the cards horizontally.

What Are The Taboos To Tarot Shuffle?

Learn how to shuffle cards properly and the taboos of tarot shuffle. Do not flip or drop cards during the shuffle. Besides, no one can see any card information until the cards are drawn. The explanation is as follows:

Reading tarot is actually reading pictures. If the seeker sees the card before drawing, it will leave a preconceived impression, which is equivalent to a psychological implication, thus affecting his or her state of mind. For example, if a seeker sees a tarot card like the death tarot card or the devil tarot card in advance, he or she may feel that “it’s not going to have a good outcome”.

If the reader sees the cards in advance, the impact will be even greater. You may feel whether this is a hint given to you by the Tarot, and then the thought of interpreting the cards cannot help but lean in the direction of that card, thus leading to inaccurate divination results.

However, if you do accidentally flop or drop a card, there is no need to be overly nervous. Just take a deep breath and reshuffle your cards.

Tarot Shuffle Taboos

What’s The Difference Between Online And Offline Tarot Shuffle?

Though online divination is not face-to-face communication with the seeker, its process of shuffling is best consistent with offline divination. This will help you to develop a habit and form a sense of ritual, whenever you start shuffling, you can immediately enter the divination state.

Related Supplement: How To Cut Tarot Cards?

Cutting is not a necessary process, but it helps to mix the cards more evenly and prolongs the time to connect with the cards. Once you have shuffled the cards and placed them face down in a stack, ask the seeker to do the card cutting. Of course, if the seeker is yourself, you will have to do it by yourself.

Again, there is no fixed standard for cutting, as long as it does not violate the taboo of flipping and dropping cards, it is all right. Here is also a recommended method:

Firstly, place the shuffled cards horizontally in front of you. Next, let the seeker pick up about one-half of the cards in the first deck with the commonly used hand and place them underneath it to form the second stack, taking care not to change direction.

Secondly, use the same hand to pick up about one-half of the second stack and place it on top of the first stack to become the third stack, again taking care not to change direction.

Lastly, pick up the first stack of cards with the same hand and place it on top of the second stack, then pick up the combined stack of cards and place it on top of the third stack. This time the cards form a neat stack again, and the set of cutting actions is completed.

From a ritual perspective, the tarot shuffling represents the order and wisdom that emerges when chaos and opportunity mix. When you shuffle or cut the cards several times, the deck becomes a pile of cards with a completely new order.

Apart from the ritual, the shuffle is for practical purposes, and what we need to do is to hold them gently and carefully. On the one hand, it shows the reader’s respect for the tarot cards, and on the other hand, it helps to prolong the life of the tarot cards.

Regardless of the way you shuffle the cards, saying a prayer, a blessing, or an indication of intent while shuffling may be beneficial to your tarot reading and create a sense of solemnity for you and the seeker.

Step By Step: How To Design Your Own Tarot Deck?

design your own tarot deck

Tarot is a popular tool used for divination. Traditionally, a tarot deck consists of 78 cards divided into two sections, the major arcana, and the minor arcana. Sometimes, a tarot deck will only contain the major arcana because these cards hold the more powerful meanings/lessons within a deck.

Tarot has been in practice for centuries, and today its popularity is more prevalent than ever. There are thousands of decks on the market, which makes it easy to find one that resonates with you. However, if you want to design your own tarot deck?

The Rider-Waite-Smith deck has been a staple in the community, and many teachings and books are based on this particular deck. This deck has been celebrated for its beautiful and intricate imagery and even more meaningful card descriptions. While the Rider-Waite-Smith deck is a great deck to start with, eventually, it will be time to venture out to find a deck that inspires you.

Gold Rider-Waite-Smith deck
Golden Waite Tarot

One of the best ways to find a deck that is in harmony with you is to create your own tarot deck. At first, the thought of creating your own tarot deck may seem overwhelming. Where do you start? What should it look like? How do I get it printed? These are all questions that will be answered for you here today.

Your Message To Design Your Own Tarot Deck

Each tarot deck holds a specific message that’s carried as a theme throughout the entire deck. Some decks contain an abundance of alchemical imagery that tells the story of the alchemist’s journey. Other decks contain Dark, deep imagery that may best be used for shadow work. It’s important to decide on your vision and the overall message you want your deck to speak to its users.

When you think of tarot, what comes to mind? What is the reason you love the cards, and how do they help you? The answers to these questions can help you understand the function and use it for your future deck.

Take time to shuffle through your favorite decks and make a list of the elements within them that inspire you the most. Tarot decks all have similarities, such as the suits and the major arcana. Along with your list, add to it items that you want to include in your own deck. If this deck is also for other people, try to see your deck through the eyes of a general tarot reader. Keeping certain elements familiar and easy to identify will help any practitioner use your deck.

Your Message To Design Your Own Tarot Deck
Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

The Card Meanings

Choosing the card names and meanings should be done towards the beginning of designing your deck. This is because you want your card’s imagery to correlate with the deeper meaning of the card. Card meanings can hold much more information than a picture, and creating a picture from an established meaning will be easier than vice versa.

Decide if you want to stay more traditional with your card names, or choose ones that fit your deck’s intentions. Create a list of your card names and start creating their meanings. You can be creative with this, and using your own individual interpretations will set your deck apart from the others. Everyone’s tarot experience is unique, and everyone has different interpretations of the cards.

The Card Meanings
Alphabet Learning Tarot cards

The Imagery

Once you have your card meanings, you can begin creating images from them. This may take some thought on your part. Be creative! For example, if a card has very emotional meaning, you may wish to correlate the imagery with elements that you find emotional. You’ll want to decide on an aesthetic for your cards in order to keep them consistent. You can reference the purpose of your deck and try to visualize if a more complex and busy deck may be more suitable than a minimal or simple deck.

The use of color is also important. If your deck is more geared towards love readings, you may wish to use colors, especially reds and pinks. If your deck is more geared towards shadow work, you may want to use black, white, and grays. Decide what colors suit your deck and begin drawing. Use the card meanings to create different symbols and characters throughout your deck. Make each card unique, but try to keep some consistency, especially throughout the suit cards.

In traditional tarot, there are four suits, wands, cups, pentacles, and wands. If your deck includes suit cards, try to design each card within a single suit to correspond with each other. Tarot is a story, and the card imagery should help tell the story of the practitioner. There are a few ways you can design the cards, digitally, drawing, painting, collage, or a combination of everything. If you are unable to create your own designs, you can work with a professional design team.

Take time to run through each of your designs as well as their corresponding meanings. Walkthrough, the entire deck, viewing it through the eyes of someone who isn’t aware of the inner workings of it yet. If you’re happy with the energy of the designs and meanings, it’s time to have it sent to a printer!

The Imagery
The Virgin Tarot


WJPC is a custom tarot card manufacturer and an excellent choice for your tarot needs. We offer various options for card stock using high-quality paper. Once you provide them with your images, you will then choose the card stock, packaging, colors, and typesetting design for your deck. As mentioned previously, we will also help design your deck if you need our assistance.

Reference your favorite decks and recognize all of the characteristics that you enjoy about them. Do you like a matte finish or a glossy deck? Do you want your deck to have borders? What size do you want your deck? There are also options to add gold or silver to the edges. Finally, the packaging of your deck is also very important. Whether you want a box, a velvet bag, or shrink-wrapped, you’ll want to choose packaging that corresponds with the energy of your deck.

Custom Cards Finish
Types of cards

At WJPC, your deck will come with your desired card stock, finish, and packaging and can include a matching booklet that contains your card meanings. Working with a reputable tarot card printer is important to receive the best quality deck. We offer customizable options allowing you to curate your deck to perfectly meet your needs.

Once your deck is printed, it’s time to test it out! Whether this deck is for personal use or you’re printing for the market, your custom tarot deck will be personal, unique, and thoughtful. Every deck has its own special story; your deck is no different. Get started today!