8 Best Place To Sell Sports Cards Online

Looking to sell your sports cards online but unsure where to start?

While it’s true that you can sell your football cards, baseball cards, and basketball cards almost anywhere, finding the right platform can make all the difference in maximizing their value.

To help you connect with fellow sports enthusiasts and get the most out of your collection, we’ve compiled a list of 8 best online platforms for buying, selling, and trading sports cards.

Print Your Sports Cards. Read on for a summary of each platform’s pros and cons to help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

Where To Sell Your Sports Cards Online?

1. Sell sports cards on eBay

EBay sports cards

As a well-known online platform for sports card traders, eBay offers both auction-style and fixed-price listings, giving you the flexibility to set your own pricing strategy. It’s a popular choice for those looking to sell their sports cards, with thousands of potential buyers browsing the site regularly.


  • Have control over pricing
  • Can sell any grade of sports card
  • Access to a large buyer pool


  • Risk of encountering scammers
  • High seller fees
  • Highly competitive market

2. Sports cards online on Facebook

Facebook sports cards

Selling your sports cards through Facebook marketplaces and groups can be a great way to connect with local buyers. Listing your products on the Facebook marketplace is straightforward, and groups like Buy Sell or Trade Sports Cards and Buy/ Sell/ Trade All Sports Cards make it easy to get your cards in front of interested parties.


  • Access to multiple groups of enthusiasts
  • Direct communication with potential buyers
  • Potential for more high-end card buyers


  • Need to be cautious of scammers and fraudulent buyers

3. Dave & Adam’s Card World

Dave-Adams sports cards

Dave & Adam’s is a well-established player in the sports card industry, with over 30 years of experience buying and selling cards.

They accept a wide range of cards, including baseball, football, wrestling, hockey, and more. For those with sealed boxes and cases, they have a buy list to make it easy to see which sports cards they’re looking to purchase.

However, it’s important to note that if you’re looking to sell modern single sports cards, they must either be graded or have a minimum value of $50.


  • Quick payment process
  • Convenient way to sell sports cards


  • Lower prices are offered for cards
  • Not ideal for lower-value sports cards

4. Beckett

beckett sports cards

Beckett Sports Cards is a well-known platform for buying, selling, and trading sports cards. While you can trade cards with registered members, you’ll need to become a registered dealer to sell cards.


  • Ideal for selling graded sports cards
  • Opportunity to trade with other members


  • Not suitable for mid or low-value cards
  • Requires membership to sell cards

5. Otia Sports

Otia sports cards

Otia Sports has over 20 years of experience in the sports card market and specializes in buying vintage cards. To sell your collection with Otia, you must have vintage sports cards from before 1975. The benefit of working with Otia is that they will purchase your entire collection, even if it includes lower-value cards.


  • A great option for selling pre-1975 vintage sports cards
  • Will buy the entire sports card collection, regardless of lower-value cards


  • Pricing estimate is only provided after providing detailed information, making it difficult to gauge potential earnings

6. Blowout Forums

blowout sports cards

Blowout Sports Cards Forums provides a distinct virtual space dedicated to sports enthusiasts, particularly those keen on sports cards.

This platform does not function as a traditional marketplace but instead offers a forum where trustworthy sellers and traders can engage with potential buyers.

It is a premier destination for vending baseball, football, and other trading cards, with a specific emphasis on complete sets and unopened super-rare cards.


  • Perfect platform for vending high-end cards
  • Vibrant discussion forums centered around baseball cards, football cards, and basketball cards


  • Listings must be distinct to gain visibility and attract interest

7. StockX

StockX sports cards

Despite common assumptions, StockX isn’t only for sneakerheads. The platform also sells modern and vintage cards for baseball, football, hockey, soccer, and basketball players.

By selling on StockX sports cards, you can attract serious buyers who want to guarantee the authenticity of their sports cards, thanks to the platform’s rigorous verification process.


  • Can verify trading cards, ensuring their legitimacy
  • Handle the listing process (photos, card details)
  • Fair market for sellers as their information is hidden


  • High processing fees

8. Check Out My Collectables (COMC)

COMC sports cards

If you’re looking to sell sports cards but don’t want to deal with the hassle of photographing, listing, and shipping them out to buyers, then COMC is a great marketplace to consider.

They offer a convenient service where you send your cards to them to handle all the evaluation, advertising, and shipping. Additionally, they will even list cards worth over $50 on their eBay store for you.

COMC charges fees for the services they provide, including a transaction fee of 5% of the sale price, cash-out fees of 10%, and storage fees of 1¢ per item for items with an asking price over $0.75 per month. However, cards with an asking price of 75¢ or less are stored for free. If you need to increase your free storage, you will have the option to upgrade your account.

COMC is a great option for sellers with large collections of sports cards, especially ungraded ones. When you make a sale, you’ll be able to cash out your COMC credits to PayPal or use your credits to buy other cards and collectibles available on the platform.

One of the downsides of using COMC is that you’ll have to wait for them to list your cards, but this can be offset by the convenience they offer. Overall, if you’re looking to sell your sports cards without the hassle of listing and shipping, COMC is definitely a platform worth trying out.


  • Suitable for ungraded sports cards
  • Ideal for sellers with extensive card collections
  • Takes care of shipping and listing tasks


  • Charges fees for cashing out sales
  • Must wait for COMC to list your cards