Scorpio Tarot Card Symbolism: Passionate About Transformation

The Scorpio tarot card is the sign of deep transformations, pain, and healing. It is charismatic, spiritual, and very possessive. Although Pisces is associated with spirituality and light work, Scorpio represents all occult sciences and profound mystic experiences.

Nowadays it is common to see Scorpios shed their skin and come out as tarot readers, witches, or astrologers on social media platforms. Among all the zodiac signs, Scorpio’s life lessons are the most connected ones to the spirit world. This is because Scorpio is ruled by the God of the Underworld.

Mexicans knew this fact and they began to celebrate the Dia de los Muertos every November (month of Scorpio) to honor their departed relatives and cherish memories. In almost every full moon, Scorpio releases its old attachments and paves the way for new energies in every new moon.

What is Scorpio tarot card?

In astrology, Scorpio is associated with Mars and Pluto, and it is the ruler of the 8th house. It is a fixed sign and may seem standoffish at first glance, but Scorpio’s charm will pull you inside, nonetheless.

Its element is water, but do not be fooled, its intuitive nature is nowhere near merciful. In fact, Scorpio could be the most vindictive sign of all!

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What tarot card represents Scorpio?

Let’s take a look at Scorpio tarot cards: Firstly, Scorpio’s sharp nature is best depicted in the Death tarot card: Death is a feared concept for many, however, it doesn’t always mean the actual ending of life. Rather it represents a massive emotional and spiritual transformation.

If you stop resisting the change and go with the flow, the Death tarot card can’t hurt you. If you are dwelling in a business where you feel uncomfortable, just follow your hunch, and move onto a different career path.

If it is a romantic relationship that is giving you nightmares, thank the universe for all the lessons and let that person go. Much better experiences will come into your life as you release your mental blockages.

Numerology-wise, 2022’s energy is all about peace and spirituality. Therefore, in 2022, the best tarot card for Scorpio would be Ace of Cups. This card heralds new beginnings and a more creative era in your life. It symbolizes celebrations, potential for success in your career and love matters.

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If you are single and picked this card in a reading, then you may fall in love with a water sign (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) any moment! Ace of Cups will bring you more joy and happiness in the upcoming future, and you may even find your curiosity increase on witch matters.

You may find yourself intuitively purchasing candles, herbs, and chalices. If that is the case, pick your favorite deck and start sleeping with your Ace of Cups card to enhance your psychic development and improve your intuition! Don’t forget to journal your dreams so that you can track your progress.

If you pick this card in a reading, note that you are going to start a new venture purely based on your heart. Perhaps it is the time to use all the opportunities coming your way and finally align with the source.

If you have Scorpio as your ascendant sign, then you know that you spent pretty much all your life struggling and swimming against the tide, which probably resulted in making you a powerful and intense human being.

In tarot, Scorpio rising tarot card is Knight of Wands: Ambitious, vengeful, and magnetic male energy. You love to pursue challenges and you are such a headstrong person.

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You also love proving your fearless and rebellious nature to others, which is a sign of your never-ending energetic character. You may be in your late 20s or early 30s, and looking for a free-spirited partner, and dating an Aquarius may be a good fit for you!

Knight of Wands as a lover may get bored fairly quickly so if you are this man, you shouldn’t give any hard promises to your lover (Knights may lack empathy and sometimes act immature). Knight of Wands symbolizes an adventurous person so you may approach relationships as one-night stand hookups.

In time, this can create a spiritual burden on your shoulders. Use this fiery energy to travel somewhere new and think about your life choices.

Another tarot card associated with Scorpio is King of Cups. This card is the grand illustration of the fixed nature of Scorpio. King of Cups is a soulful man who offers stability. He is spiritual and very loving, and can guide you in your psychic journey. He signifies a wise figure in your life who can help you embrace your spiritual talents.

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In a love reading, King of Cups can indicate a devoted lover capable of emotionally satisfying you. Time to time, this compassionate man can be calculative and manipulative, but won’t stay in that mindset for long. King of Cups is inherently mature and intelligent, and will encourage you to channel your creative aspects under his guidance.

Last Scorpio tarot card is Queen of Cups. She is a master of her emotions and a brilliant diplomat. If this card pops in your reading, you are likely to experience events that will lead you to control your emotions.

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You can start by cutting the melancholic & moody people from your circle and focusing on positive growth. Don’t be grudging like Scorpio and take lessons from the Queen of Cups. For instance, appreciate the kindness of others and be open to help to those in need.

Queen of Cups can be shy and easily wounded, but she doesn’t let that take over her freedom. Be a queen, stand your ground, and radiate your soul energy like empaths do. Give tarot readings to your besties, take long walks in the nature, and soon you’ll shed the bitter aspects of your personality.

If you have someone around you possesses the qualities of Queen of Cups, you can rely on this person with your heart. You’ll know that she seeks your best interests and will love you no matter what. Just like the Queen of Cups, spend more time in the water (take a bath, swim, join an aqua therapy session) and unleash your inner goddess with confidence.