Sandra Greenhalgh Druid Wisdom Oracle Cards

Wisdom Oracle Cards is a deck created by Sandra Greenhalgh. It blends ancient and modern Druid lore to deepen your understanding of contemporary Druidry, thus inspiring your own creativity and facilitating connection with the natural world.
With this deck, step into the world of nature and roam among the tall oaks, through shadows and sunlight, surrounded by the songs of birds and the sound of the wind among the leaves!


Sandra Greenhalgh Druid Wisdom Oracle Cards

About Cards About Box 
Size88×126 mm oracle size,3.5 x 5″, 33 cardsTypeCustom lid & bottom box
Material350gsm C2S art paperMaterial300gsm white cardboard
PrintCYMK printingSurface finishMatte lamination
Surface finishMatte laminated + Gold edgingPrintFull-color printing
About Booklet   
TypeSaddle stitch  
Page44 pages  
Material300gsm white paper + 100gsm matte paper  
Surface finishMatte varnish  

The Druids were legendary figures of the ancient Celts. They were very wise, not only understanding the changing of the seasons and the workings of the stars, but also familiar with the mysteries between water, goods, earth and air.

This deck of Druid Wisdom Oracle Cards draws on the wisdom of the Druids, with each card image being thoughtfully researched and conveying a wealth of information. Using it, you can travel back to those myths and legends, gain powerful insights, and reunite with your own inner wisdom.


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