Plain Window Tuck Box With A Thumb Cut

Our Plain Window Tuck Boxes are made of durable, high-quality cardboard to ensure that the cards will not be crushed or worn out during shipping or sales. The opening has a thumb cutout, which is lightweight and practical, and easy to open.


Plain Window Tuck Box

  • Box Type: Plain Window Tuck Box
  • Box Size: 2.25″x3.5″ (57×89mm), 2.5″x3.5″ (63.5×89mm), 2.75″x4.75″ (69.5×120.6mm), 3.5″x5″ (89x127mm), any customized size
  • Structure: Tuck structure at the top, sealed at the bottom. A “window” is cut in the middle to show the first card of the deck.
  • Material: 128 gsm art paper
  • Fit: 54 cards for poker/bridge/US game-sized cards, 55 Jumbo sized cards

Plain window tuck box4

Plain Window Tuck Box Application

The Plain Window Tuck Box has a “window” on the front of the tuck box that allows others to quickly view your card design while still keeping your cards safe. The eye-catching white design and the different-sized windows add up to a beautiful front display that will help take the quality of your deck to the next level.


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