Wholesale Unique Tarot Decks Printing Customized Black Edge

Created by an independent artist who hopes to make Tarot a more acceptable medium, the Synesthesia tarot can help you connect with who you really are and what you really want in your life journey. These gorgeous cards retain the meaning of traditional tarot cards while striping down the original images to clean and simple line drawings.


Wholesale Unique Tarot Decks Printing Details

  • Card size: Standard tarot size 70 X 120 mm, 2.75 X 4.75 inches
  • Size of Deck: 78 cards digitally illustrated per deck + a booklet guidebook
  • Cardstock material: Printed on heavy 350gsm art paper
  • Card surface finish: Matte black edging
    Card box package: Sturdy flip magnetic box
  • Silver foil accents and soft-touch matte coating on both the deck and box
  • Brand and creator: Synesthesia Tarot, Jana Walker

Wholesale Unique Tarot Decks Printing Service

Many independent Tarot scholars and artists are making their own efforts for Tarot diffusion, including personalized tarot reading services and designing their own tarot cards for retail and collection. They have injected love and care into their work, as well as Introspection and Reflection on life and nature.

In the past 15 years, our custom Tarot printing and manufacturing processes have undergone fine adjustment, with few printing errors. We have accumulated rich printing experience and technological innovation methods. We have witnessed that many Tarot printing projects have won many supporters on Kickstarter.

We are the leading manufacturer and printer in the paper card printing industry. Speaking of quality and price, our customized printing service is second to none.

Do you want to get some stock sample cards to check the quality? This may make more sense for you to make the final decision for your card game! Order your personalized Tarot brand here and see the quality difference between us and other playing card companies. We will provide free stock samples, and we will send you some cards with different paper materials and finishes for your reference. You need to pay no more than $38 for shipping, which will be shipped by DHL.


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