No Mercy War Card Game Best Board Games

No Mercy War Card Game is a “war” based on a board game. If you have played war board game before, then you will be familiar with No Mercy. Each card in the set contains an imaginative drawing by children’s book illustrator and cartoonist Travis Hanson. The yo-go pattern combined with the clear text will instantly grab your attention!


No Mercy War Card Game Best Board Games

About Cards

  • Size of deck: 90 cards of 30 Kitty cards + 30 Alien cards + 30 Unique cards
  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper
  • Printing: CYMK printing
  • Finish: Gloss lamination

About Box

  • Type: Custom lid & bottom box for 2 decks
  • Material: Custom cardboard + Insert paper card
  • Printing: Full-color printing
  • Finish: Matte varnish

About Booklet

  • Type: Accordion booklets
  • Material: 105gsm matte paper
  • Printing: CMYK full color
  • Finish: Matte Finish

No Mercy War Card Game is a card game for all ages: whether you’re 7 or 107, you can quickly learn to take part in an epic battle between gun-toting kittens and power-hungry aliens! Perfect for family game nights, gatherings of friends, holiday dinners and more.

It follows the same game mechanics as war (card game), where the winner is the first person to lose all their cards or, when the time limit is reached, the player with the largest deck of cards.

But things are not so simple. There is a twist: the player with the smallest number has the option of pulling face-down cards from the top of the modified deck; modifiers can add or remove your card numbers, or they can be actions in your hand that produce positive or negative results.


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