Unlock the Magic in Everyday Oracle Cards Daily Guidance

The “Unlock the Magic in Everyday Oracle Cards” deck uses the journal format, presenting questions and providing space to record your intuitive thoughts and feelings, with the purpose of mindfully guiding you each day.

The internal layout is suitable for:
-Research cards
-Recording your personal reading content
-Serving as a tool to help cultivate your intuition and skills.

Cards details:
-350 gsm (matte finish))
-Tuck box; shrink-wrapped
-Card stock sourced from the world’s best playing card manufacturers – WJPC
-44 cards Tarot-sized, 2.75”x4.75” (70×120mm)


Unlock the Magic in Everyday Oracle Cards deck

With this Unlock the Magic in Everyday Oracle Cards deck, you can find yourself again, and reconnect with your self inner light, peace, focus, creativity, confidence, swag, and highest expression of who you came to this Earth to be.

The messages on these cards are designed to unlock the magic that you have hidden away – the creativity, willpower, courage, and love within you. Each card is crafted to help you find the magic in everyday life and stay connected with the divine. Keep them in your sight as a reminder that you are magic and have the power to create the life you want to live. Download the Unlock the Magic in Everyday Oracle Guide PDF file.

Pull one or multiple cards each morning to help guide your thoughts throughout the day. Focus on the message and how it relates to your life. The purpose of this deck is to help you reconnect with yourself and create habitual changes in your day-to-day life, encouraging you to think differently.

Each deck has been smudged and prayed over with the highest intention of receiving the guidance you need in every moment. You can also use this deck with your other decks as clarification cards. Have fun with this deck!


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