Making RMS Titanic History Playing Cards Customized

The history of the Titanic has made its way into the world of poker. Find a reliable customized playing cards manufacturer to print unique Titanic history playing cards. Explore the fascinating facts about the Titanic and find out how you can own a piece of history.


Titanic History Playing Cards Details

About cards

  • Cards per deck: 54 cards
  • Poker size 63*88mm
  • Cardstock: 300gsm Art paper
  • Print: CYMK printing, customized back & front
  • Finish: glossy varnish

About box

  • Box type: custom tuck box
  • Paper material: 300gsm white cardboard
  • Specialty print: CYMK printing with customer design
  • Finish: matte lamination finish
History of Titanic Playing Cards

The Story of Titanic History Playing Cards

Launched on Kickstarter in 2017, Titanic Playing Cards was created by Barclay mountain. Over the years he designed Colonial Unrest, Civil Unrest, Global Unrest, Titanic, and Gettysburg Playing Cards.

Treat these cards as a Micro-History Book. Not only can it be used as a standard playing card deck to play all your favorite card games, but it also becomes a tool for education.

Each card within the deck will use imagery and text to bring the Titanic back to life. To help do this, we painstakingly colorize each base image before we digitally paint the final layer. The information within the deck will showcase interesting facts about the ship, passengers, and crew.

This deck will be printed with the WJ Printing company (Brand: WJPC). We’ve used WJ Printing on many of our past projects due to its quality, speed, and good communication.

They’re also good at completing special requests. For example, as one of our add-ons, you can select to have a boarding pass included with your deck. This boarding pass will come factory sealed within your deck.


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