Strategy Game The Cactus Card Game What’s The Point Age 9+

What’s The Point? It is an exciting, family-friendly, and Cactus card game and a simple strategy game you’ll be stuck on!

Your objective is to match and collect sets of cacti to earn points. use a variety of action cards to gain an advantage over your friends.

Such as unleashing a SEE AND STEAL, allowing you to look at another player’s hand and steal any card Of your choice. Protect yourself from harm by playing a STOP card, forcing any action to stop in its tracks.


The Cactus Card Game What’s The Point

Elevate your game nights with The Cactus Card Game. With over 15,000 copies sold (The date comes from here:, this family-friendly game guarantees hours of fun. Experience quick rounds filled with unpredictable twists, strategic thinking, and lots of laughter. Strengthen bonds and create lasting memories with this beloved card game.


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