Saddle Stitch Booklet Printing Saddle Stapled Booklet Maker

The saddle stitch booklet printing uses a traditional stitching method where larger-sized sheets are folded in half and stapled together with metal staples. This is a very popular method of folding multi-page booklets that boasts small, compact, and thick features.


About booklet 
TypeSaddle stitch booklet printing
MaterialC2S art paper for cover 128gsm/157gsm or 80gsm book paper
Sizecustom instruction booklet size
Printing on cover4C full-color printing, CMYK printing for both sides
Printing on inner pagesFull color, or black & white printing
FinishMatte finish or glossy finish or water varnish
No. of pagesLess than 40 pages

Saddle stitch booklet printing features

Saddle binding allows you to create professional customized works for custom game cards or Tarot and divination cards, so your products will always feel on the point and brand.

Long sheets of paper are folded in half and stapled in the middle to create an eye-catching instruction booklet brochure:

  • The steel wire staples create a hard-working bind
  • Saddle stitch booklets are highly versatile, featuring a broad selection of paper and finishing options
  • Saddle stitching offers a high-quality look and feels with budget-friendly customization
  • Saddle stitching is great for projects 32 pages or less—giving the thinnest books a substantial feel

Saddle stitch booklet printing video


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