Print The Final Rose Tarot Deck Golden Edge Hot Stamping Printing

The designer Amelia Rose has chosen WJPC to print The Final Rose Tarot Deck. These cards are a new choice for you to perform emotional divination. It overflows the tea without leaving any juicy details for people to imagine. Show romance and let gossip (and rose wine) flow.


About Print The Final Rose Tarot Deck

– 42 cards per deck
– 400gsm art paper
–2.75 “W x 4.75” D
– 4C/4C, with your custom design
– Common matte lamination
– Gold foil stamping, Gold Gilt edging

– 3.25″ W x 5.25″ H x 2″ D
– 1200gsm grey cardboard paper + 157gsm art paper
– Full color printing
– Common matte lamination, Golden hot stamping

– 70x120mm, 2.75″x4.75″
– 78 pages, witty and detailed card descriptions, Keyword associations for easy and accessible readings
– Full-color printing guidebook
– Perfect binding glued bound

Print The Final Rose Tarot Deck Video Show

Amelia rose is a tattooist and illustrator. She and her team want this deck to be filled with the carefree whimsical atmosphere they are trying to embody. They hope you enjoy this strange fever dream as much as we do! It is your new go-to deck for relationship readings.


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