Printing Custom Designed Planetary Pursuit Game Cards

By using the best card game maker in china, manufacture and print custom designed planetary pursuit game cards at a cheap price. Our game card templates are for all your gaming needs. These cards are made of high-quality 350gsm art paper, durable and safe for children players.


Custom Designed Planetary Pursuit Game Cards

About cards

  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper
  • Size: custom flashcards size
  • Print: CYMK printing on both sides
  • Finish: matte lamination

About box

  • Box type: custom lid & bottom box
  • Material: 157gsm art paper + 1200g grey cardboard
  • Print: CYMK printing on a single side
  • Finish: matte lamination
Print Custom designed Planetary Pursuit Game Cards
Our customization process

How to Play Planetary Pursuit Game Cards?

Planetary pursuit is a game in which each player guides his retro style to swing around the table and claim planets for himself. Once planets are claimed, they can often be transformed into more livable places.

Collect as many planets as possible without hitting other players, and be careful of meteorites and other space-based dangers. Take some time to see if you can find all kinds of constellations scattered all over the card.

Planetary pursuit is designed to be played by 2 to 5 players over the age of 8 in about 30 minutes. But even for players over 18, it’s interesting enough.