Plain Tuck Box Card Case

The universal plain tuck box can be adapted to various shapes or sizes of cards and booklets, such as game cards, playing cards, flash cards, tarot cards, etc. It is made of standardized cardboard and processing technology, which is economical and durable and suitable for various occasions.


About box
Typeplain tuck box
Materialpremium grey core cardboard
Sizecustomizable size
Fita deck of mini size/bridge size/poker size/tarot size cards and other sizes, up to your design
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides
Finishbuttery smooth varnish shuffling

plain white tuck box1Plain Tuck Box Application

Tuck boxes are very simple cardboard boxes that can easily and efficiently store a deck of cards from wear and tear, scratches, bending, moisture, etc. during storage. We offer different sizes of plain tuck boxes as an affordable package for most of our cards, which you can choose directly or design and customize on it.


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