Plain Hinged Tin Box Poker Pokemon Cards Box

We offer plain tin boxes in various shapes and sizes, which you can buy directly or custom print with your own branding, logos and images. The boxes can hold inserts such as foam, cardboard and plastic for storing different small items.


Box TypePlain Hinged Tin Box
Size2.48″x3.46″ (63×88mm). For any customization needs, please contact us.
Fit55 Poker/Bridge/US game-sized cards
StructureSingle-sided opening with hinges and a snap to connect the box to the lid.
MaterialExcellent 0.23mm thick tin plate

Plain Hinged Tin Box3

plain hinged tin box packaging

Plain Hinged Tin Box Application

These plain tin boxes come with hinged lids, making them structurally integrated to prevent lid loss or misplacement. They are coated with a safe and glossy metallic paint that you can mark with a marker or decorate with ribbon to transform them into gift tin boxes.


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