Learn Through Phonics Playing Card Games Personalized 350gsm

Phonics Playing Card Games are a good educational way for children teach. Children like to play any game they like, such as go fish, snap, hearts, concentration, cheat, old mail, etc. Some language teaching experts integrate poker games into phonics. When children are playing cards, the pictures printed on the playing cards face will drive them to perform some tasks suitable for their language learning.


Phonics Playing Card Games

About Cards

  • Size: 74 mm x 105 mm, 54 cards per deck
  • Material: 350gsm art paper
  • Print: CYMK printing for front and back
  • Finish: Gloss varnish

About Box

  • Box type: Custom tuck box
  • Material: 300gsm white card
  • Print: full-color printing
  • Finish: Gloss lamination
phonics flash cards game 3 phonics flash cards game

Phonics Playing Card Games Design

The front of the Phonics Playing Card Games is a colorful and simple life object, which is easy for children to recognize and learn. The back uses a lively and interesting clown image, derived from classic fairy tales and playground characters, successfully pulling in the distance with the children.

Phonics Playing Card Games Video

Additional information

Custom Service

We can print any design, card size, card shape, or number of cards for your project.

Sample Support

We can provide electronic and hard copy proofing and production samples. You can get a free sample pack for only $38 (the shipping fee).


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