Printing Moon Oracle Deck Cycle Cards Daily Journey Guidance

These moon oracle deck cycle cards can be used a few different ways: as it’s presented here, going through the moon cycle day by day (we’ve numbered moon cycle cards with 1 representing the New Moon and so on), and offering chances for reflection/journaling/action.

You can also use this deck to consult/ support you by shuffling and randomly choosing o card and reflecting on the word represented on the card. We hope you use this deck as you need it, and that your daily journey through the cycles of the moon helps to walk you through the end of the year.


Printing Moon Oracle Deck Cycle Cards Details

About cards

  • Cards size: 88 x 126 mm, 3.46” x 4.96”
  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper
  • Print: CYMK printing on both sides
  • Finish: Holographic printing finish

About package

  • Standard shrink packaging


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