Memory Matching Game Card Educational Flash Cards Printing

Memory matching game card printing is a fun way to learn a useful educational tool. Print out your designs and start games at any time and any place. These high-quality cards are perfect for preschoolers to hone their memory skills. You can play alone too! Use a clock or timer to keep track of how much time it takes you to match up all the plants!


Memory Matching Game Card Instructions

(1) Scramble up cards.
(2) Lay them in rows, face down.
(3) Turn over any two cards.
(4) If the cards don’t match, turn them back over.
(5) If the cards do match, keep them and say a fun fact or begin a discussion about that plant.
(6) Remember where cards are to gain more matches.
(7) The game is over when all cards have been matched.
(8) The player with the most matches wins!


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