Print Outfits Memory Match Game Atuendos Latinos Table Games

Being immigrants residing in the United States, far away from our native lands, we are left with only memories and an incessant longing to revisit and celebrate our culture.

The creator of the “Outfits Memory Match Game Atuendos Latinos” seeks to showcase the stunning, vibrant, and culturally diverse attires from the Latin American region. This game encompasses all the countries in Latin America and serves not only as a source of entertainment but also as a valuable educational tool for families to enjoy.


Outfits Memory Match Game Atuendos Latinos

The Atuendos Latinos game consists of 72 tiles, which make up 36 pairs, each tile measuring 2.5 x 2.5 inches.

Dutidú is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards, and as such, the game box is made of thick, durable, and sturdy laminated cardboard, measuring 8 x 8 x 2 inches and featuring graphics by Latino designer Emanuel Diaz, with a magnetic closure.

The tile pieces are 1.5mm thick, laminated, and matte-finished, with colorful designs on both sides.

Dutidú production has undergone tests to assess and verify the content of specified phthalates and lead in the surface coating, and has been approved.Atuendos Latinos

Know More about Dutidú

Dutidú is a business created by two Latina moms, immigrants to the United States, that brings diversity, inclusion, and representation to the board and card game industry and intentionally celebrates Latino culture. They show their essence with a warm embrace from Latin America to the world.

Dutidú collaborates strictly with Latinx artists. This puzzle features beautiful illustrations by Argentine artist Cynthia Alonso. From the poncho to the samba crown, to the ruffled skirt forming the dresses of so many nations, this set is a work of art and a touch of Latino culture on every tile. You will enjoy watching this Latino Fair highlighting each culture of the region come together one piece at a time.

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