Making Oracle Cards Printed Simple Ritual Guidance Cards

Making oracle cards printed is a popular choice for tarot and oracle creators for entertainment purposes. This Simple Ritual Guidance Cards deck contains 44 beautifully created cards and a guidebook. It can provide guidance and a simple ritual for each card to help you find peace, clarity, healing and so much more within your life.


Making Oracle Cards Printed Details

– 44 cards per deck
– 350gsm art paper
– tarot size, 70x120mm, 2.75″x4.75″
– CMYK printing both sides
– matte lamination finish

– Top-bottom rigid box, lid&bottom box
– 1200gsm gray cardboard + 157gsm art paper
– matte lamination finish

– 70x120mm, 2.75″x4.75″
– customized design
– CMYK printing
– Perfect binding glued bound

Making Oracle Cards Printed Simple Ritual Guidance Cards Design

Making Oracle Cards Printed Video

About the creator:

Debbie Hardy has had a close connection to crystal energy for many years. She facilitated her own healing by using crystals and meditation. She began channeling during a hypnosis session several years ago. It opened up a new path for her, and since then, she has channeled gods, angels, and many other spirits.

Hardy is certified in crystal healing and angel therapy, and she is an Advanced Crystal Master and Reiki Master. Hardy hosts crystal workshops, meditation sessions, and discussions that connect people all over the world to help others begin their own spiritual journeys. You can build connections with her on Facebook.


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