Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing

Experience the cutting-edge design with Lithography Playing Cards by TCC Fashion, where style meets technology. These cards are more than a game, but an homage to the history of innovation, from steam engines to microchips.

Printed with UV color-changing ink, they morph under light, exposing complex electronic circuits—the very core of information transmission. Designed for aficionados and tech lovers alike, these decks feature metallic silver foil accents, making each “electronic component” pop.


Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing

  • Revolutionary UV Color-Changing Ink:
    Experience the future of playing cards with Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing. Each detail of this deck is meticulously printed with UV color-changing ink, revealing hidden circuits when exposed to light. This revolutionary feature simulates the process of information transmission and processing, delivering a truly immersive and technology-driven experience.
  • Inspired by Photolithography:
    Drawing inspiration from the equipment that empowers microchips, Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing captures the essence of endless possibilities. The highly sensitive professional UV color-changing ink selected for this deck ensures the best effects, even under natural sunlight, without the need for additional UV lights. Holding these cards feels like holding a chip covered in intricate electronic components, exuding a strong sense of technology.
  • Realistic Metallic Luster:
    Crafted with silver foil, the “electronic components” on Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing present a realistic metallic luster. The clean and sharp lines of the cards, inspired by the circuitry style, embody the changes that occur under illumination. The circuitry pattern on the card backs and the hearts and diamonds flourish come to life with the support of UV color-changing ink, creating a visually stunning and futuristic aesthetic.
  • Ignite Creativity and Possibilities:
    Lithography Playing Cards UV Printing is more than just a deck of cards—it’s a gateway to endless creativity and possibilities. Immerse yourself in a world full of technological and futuristic appeal, where every shuffle and play sparks inspiration. Produced by TCC Playing Cards Co., this deck features the M23 Finish for the smoothest handling, ensuring optimal performance and precision in every game.

Product Details

  • Tuck Case and Decks made with UV color-changing ink
  • Standard poker size, 63*88 mm
  • Includes 52 cards, 2 Jokers, and 2 AD cards


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