Kitten Nugget Tarot Deck Feline Oracle

Discover the whimsy of introspection with the Kitten Nugget Tarot Deck. Each card in this 82-card set is a miniature masterpiece, brimming with charming kitten nuggets designed to delight and inspire. From the holographic edges to the full-color 190-page guidebook, they’re more than tools for divination—they’re an invitation to joy and discovery.

Embrace a journey of playful enlightenment with the Kitten Nugget Tarot Deck. Crafted in the spirit of the classic Rider-Waite-Smith imagery, these cards are your companions in reflecting life’s complexity through a lens of adorable mischief. Tucked in a magnetic box with luxurious foil detail, they’re perfect for collectors and spiritual seekers alike.


Kitten Nugget Tarot Deck Feline Oracle

Key Features:

  • Card Quantity and Quality: Delve into the divine with 78 tarot-sized (2.75” x 4.75”) cards plus an extra 4, summing up to an 82-card deck. Each card comes in robust 350 gsm-quality stock with a matte varnish finish.
  • Unique Artistry: Adorned with holographic edges and backs, these cards shimmer in your hands, elevating every reading into a magical experience.
  • Comprehensive Guidebook: A colorful, detailed 190-page guidebook accompanies the deck, perfect for both beginners and tarot veterans to navigate the enigmatic routes that each card lays out.
  • Portability: A tuck box encapsulates the cards, ensuring they are travel-ready for impromptu readings wherever you may wander.
  • Magnetic Closure Box: Store the entire set within a magnetic box designed to resemble an exquisite takeaway container, complete with eye-catching UV spots and gold foiling details.


  • Classic Foundations with a Twist: Based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith model, the imagery resonates with familiarity while uniquely incorporating Kitten Nuggets’ playful essence.
  • Accessibility: Intuitive for seasoned readers and newcomers alike—it’s a gateway to the enthralling world of tarot through the lens of endearing art and accessible symbolism.
  • Storytelling Aspect: Kitten Nuggets act as whimsical narrators for your life’s story, offering insights into reflection and growth.
  • Emotional Buffer: Even unwelcome revelations are tenderized by the deck’s charming and gentle conveyance, thanks to our furry little guides.

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Print with WJPC: Kitten Nugget Tarot Deck


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