Trick Or Tarot Custom Halloween Tarot Deck Black & Orange Tarot

Custom Halloween Tarot Deck is a Black & Orange Tarot deck. Its gorgeous rich colors and perfectly rendered composition showcase the spirit of Halloween well, incorporating the wisdom of the tarot into the danger and joy of the holiday.


About Cards 
TypeCustom Tarot cards printing
Quantity78 cards per deck, Halloween Tarot Cards
Material350gsm/400gsm art paper
Size70 x 120 mm, approx. 2.76″ x 4.72″
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides
FinshGlossy laminated
About Box 
TypeCustom tuck box
Material300gsm white cardboard
PrintingCMYK color printing
FinshGlossy lamination
About Booklet 
TypePerfect bound booklets
Size70 x 120 mm
PrintingFull-colour print, CMYK printing
FinishGloss lamination on covers
About PackageThe box is shrink-wrapped

Halloween Tarot Deck4

Halloween Tarot Deck Black & Orange Tarot Introduction

This is a custom Halloween-themed tarot deck that explores the exciting thrills and chills of Halloween. For each card in the Halloween Tarot Deck, the author shares the story associated with it, and the characters of the Major Arcana come from the realm of horror stories and Halloween traditions. The Minor Arcana suits are pumpkins, ghosts, spirits, bats and so on.

Halloween Tarot Deck Black & Orange Tarot Video


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