Gratitude Blooming Card Deck Reflection Inspired by Nature

The Gratitude Blooming card deck includes 39 hand-drawn plants and a guidebook of affirmations and mindful prompts with themes like Joy & Presence, Forgiveness, Growth, and Infinite Possibility. Step into the wilderness of emotions with more intention and calm. Experience plant-based gratitude.

Trusted by the pragmatic and the optimistic, the plant lovers (or plant curious), the change-makers, the recovering overachievers, the skeptics, the learners, the open-minded, and the wild at heart.
All who are willing to grow.


Gratitude Blooming Card Deck Details

  • 39 unique gratitude themes with original artwork
  • A booklet with reflection prompts intentionally paired with each card theme
  • Beautifully printed, sturdy paper box with moon cuts to preserve the deck
  • Letter from the team with tips to start your practice
  • Sample themes: Joy and Presence, Healing, Discovery, Infinite Possibility

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