Custom Printed Oracle Deck Gold Edge Round Oracle Cards 100mm

This gold edge round Oracle cards deck is very different from the Oracle you provided to yourself in the past because they are not used for divination. It is an energy oracle. Each oracle card deck has a different energy. It gives you a message or asks you what path you want to follow.


About Cards 
TypeGold edge round oracle cards
Cardstock material350gsm art paper
Size of deck30 cards per deck
Cards size100mm circle
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides, full-color print
FinishGlossy lamination, matte gold edge
About packaging 
TypeCustom rigid box, round lid & bottom box
Paper material1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
PrintingCMYK printing for outside of the box
FinishGlossy lamination, hot stamping on the top of the box
About Booklet 
TypeSaddle stitch booklet printing 8 pages
Size100mm circle
PrintingFull-color print, CMYK printing
FinishHot stamping on the top of the cover

Custom Gold edge round oracle cards video

How do you use the gold edge round oracle cards?

  • Firstly, you spread out the cards in front of you, put your hand on them, and draw one or more cards if you feel comfortable.
  • Then, you can recite the galaxy code as a spell all day. Don’t worry about pronunciation, and energy will always find your way.
  • And fully receive and anchor this energy in your body: make yourself comfortable, play some soft music, and recite this spell in your chakras.

If you want more guidance, please visit the designer’s Instagram page.

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