Entertaining Party Game I’m Pretty Savvy

Entertaining Party Game, Promoting social engagement by nurturing human interactions.

Have Fun Engaging With People.
Whether it’s a game night or a social gathering, I’m Pretty Savvy promotes social engagement.

Interact with People!
Bring friends and family together to play I’m Pretty Savvy. The rules are easy to explain.
People will say anything. So, are you smart enough to catch wrong answers?


Entertaining Party Game I’m Pretty Savvy

I’m Pretty Savvy celebrates creativity, wit, and cleverness! It provides engaging entertainment and encourages you to approach the world with a fresh perspective.

Deliver creative answers to random questions and see how many cards you can answer in 1 minute. Your opponent can quickly get away with incorrect answers if you are not careful. So, pay attention and be ready to challenge impractical or incorrect responses.

—description from the publisher


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