Linen Black Core Elephant Playing Cards Copper Foil Box

The team at Elephant Playing Cards (EPC) has designed and produced a lot of cards over the last few years.

Now, the Wondercraft team is so excited to team up with Anomaly World Studios to present their namesake creation that embodies the balance between elegance and functionality, creativity and traditionalism, custom designs and interesting themes that EPC has come to embody: Elephant Playing Cards!


  • 54 custom cards
  • Each Court, Ace and Joker card has original illustrations
  • The box is covered in intricate copper foil
  • The cards themselves are made of premium embossed black core European card stock
  • Unique back design
  • Printed by WJPC


Who Are EPC (Elephant Playing Cards)?

Elephant Playing Cards was created by designer Ben Jones in 2015 to experiment with creative and innovative graphic design. Using the helpful Kickstarter platform, EPC strives to push the boundaries of playing card technology and design to bring a final product that players and collectors alike would be excited to own.

EPC partners with world-class production and fulfillment operations such as WJPC and Gambler’s Warehouse to provide the best quality playing cards possible. To date, we have produced 11 decks: 4 different Prism decks, 6 Pipmen designs, and the intricately detailed Medieval deck. We have many more projects lined up for the future, so make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news!

Based in Sydney, Australia, Ben is an Engineer by profession, loves playing with graphic design, and enjoys spending time with his wife and family.

Elephant website:

Who Are Anomaly World Studios?

Anomaly World is a project created by Egor Klyuchnyk – a Ukrainian designer and illustrator in 2012. Since then, they have created 8 playing card decks, over 10 posters, 3 successful Kickstarter campaigns, books, author’s figures, lots of other illustrations, and commercial artworks. In collaboration with EPC was created Elephant playing cards set. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Anomaly website:

Who Are Wondercraft?

The Wondercraft is committed to the highest level of customer service while providing a variety of premium playing cards at affordable prices. Contact them at with any questions.

ELEPHANT Playing Cards Relaunch on Kickstarter

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