The Design Deck Designer Playing Cards For Guiding

The Design Deck is a pair of useful Designer Playing Cards that lets you play poker and learn graphic design at the same time! Each card contains useful information about design theory, design techniques, color theory, typography, design history, and more, along with beautiful visual examples.


The Design Deck Designer Playing Cards For Guiding

About Cards About Box 
Size63×88 mm poker size, 52 cardsTypeCustom tuck box
Material310gsm linen air black core paperMaterial350gsm white cardboard
PrintCYMK printingPrintFull-color printing
Surface finishMatte laminationFinishMatte varnish + gold stamping

You can see graphic design products everywhere in your daily life. This is a skill that is so useful but most people don’t know much about it. This Design Deck is a fun and easy way to learn the basics of graphic design, improve your skills as a designer, and learn more about the designs you interact with every day, all while having fun.

Its wealth of information, the deck uses premium air-cushioned finish paper that is smooth to the touch and perfect for card games and even magic tricks. Also, the full-color printing makes the graphics more realistic and the text easier to read.


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