D-Spirits Soul Snatchers Game Cards Custom Card Games

In the world of D-spirit Custom Card Games, there was once a group of powerful creatures that wreaked havoc around the world. A supreme biological scientist invented a way to seal these creatures by trapping them in cards. Now, their spirits can be summoned to help you and your friends in battle!


About Cards 
TypeSparkling game card decks
Cardstock350gsm art paper
Deck of size74 mm x 105 mm, approx. 2.8″ x 4.1″, customized size
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides, custom game cards front and back
FinishHolographic Flash Film
About Booster Box24 Soul Snatchers Booster Packs, 11 cards each Booster Pack, 40 Card Sleeves, 1 Game Mat, 1 Rare Box Topper, 1 AllStar Ga’U
About Case6 Booster Boxes per Sealed Case

D-Spirits Soul Card Games

D-Spirits Soul Custom Card Games Introduction

There are over 160 creatures in the D-spirit card game, each with game-changing abilities. Its design does not rely heavily on luck or draws like many other card games, but is fast-paced and strategic. In addition, almost every D-spirit character can contribute in battle. So in this game, you can win with your favourite cards.

Tip: If you want to customize game flashcards, we recommend you to choose 350gsm art paper, which is far better than black core paper and blue core paper in terms of card stiffness and lamination processing. In addition, a White Ink file is required for custom game flash cards.

D-Spirits Soul Custom Card Games Video


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