Make Customized EDI Cards Games Printing for Understanding

Make Customized EDI Cards games and print them from the WJPC playing cards printer. It is important to know whether employees see opportunities for promotion in the organization, whether they have the opportunity to participate in management and skill training programs, and whether there is a career path open to all.

A key to improving diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness is to ensure that everyone is considered for promotion, no matter who they are, as long as they are able to take on the next opportunity.

Another important indicator to be observed is how long employees have worked in their positions before being offered or promoted.


Make Customized EDI Cards Games Printing

About cards

  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper
  • Size: pioker playing cards size 63*88mm
  • Print: CYMK printing on both sides
  • Finish: matte lamination

About box

  • Box type: custom tuck box
  • Paper material: 300gsm white cardboard
  • Print: CYMK printing on single side
  • Finish: matte lamination
Customized EDI Cards Games Printing