The Herbal Custom Tarot Cards Waite Tarot Deck

The Herbal Custom Tarot Cards Waite Tarot explores the connection and meaning between traditional Tarot cards and herbs. On each card, a different herb is added in the picture and traditional tarot figures use them for medicine, creativity, ritual, and spiritual guidance.


About Cards 
TypeCustom Tarot cards printing
Quantity78 cards per deck, Waite tarot cards
Material350gsm art paper (smooth finish)
Size70 x 120 mm, approx. 2.76″ x 4.72″
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides
FinishGlossy finished
About Box 
TypeCustom tuck box
Material1200gsm gray cardboard paper+157gsm art paper
PrintingCMYK color printing
FinishGloss lamination
About Booklet 
TypeSaddle stitch booklets
Size70 mm x 120 mm
PrintingFull-color print, CMYK printing
FinishMatte lamination on covers
About PackageThe box is shrink-wrapped

The Herbal Custom Tarot Cards5

The Herbal Custom Tarot Cards Waite Tarot Deck Introduction

Combining the traditional Waite tarot system, herbalism, the forces of nature, and plant spirit magic, this tarot deck puts you in touch with the power and inspiration of nature and allows for magical healing.

Meet the plant spirits and explore the connection between them and start your personal spiritual journey. They will speak to you on a symbolic level to convey the true nature of plants. From the detailed guide booklet, you will also discover how plant spirits can provide profound guidance and wisdom for your life, while also discovering the medicinal and metaphysical qualities of each plant.

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