Healing Custom Tarot Cards Angel Tarot Cards CYMK Printing

Healing Custom Tarot Cards Angel Tarot Cards is a warm, positive tarot deck. It features divine angels and bright yellows with matte finishes and foil stamping, making the tarot cards rich in detail yet gentle enough.


Healing Custom Tarot Cards Angel Tarot

About Cards

  • Size: 70*120mm, 78 cards
  • Material: 350gsm art paper
  • Print: CMYK & PMS printing
  • Finish: Matte lamination + Golden stamping

About Box

  • Box type: Custom lid & bottom box
  • Material: 157gsm art paper + 1200gsm grey cardboard
  • Print: full-color printing
  • Finish: Matte lamination

About Booklet

  • Type: Perfect bound booklets
  • Material: art paper
  • Print: full-color printing
  • Finish: Gloss lamination on covers

Healing Custom Tarot Cards5 Healing Custom Tarot Cards

Healing Custom Tarot Cards Introduction 

All of the texts in this tarot deck, as well as the illustrations, are positive and beautiful, including angel, archangel, earth angel, guardian angel, etc. while still retaining the magical effects of traditional tarot cards. It is suitable for those who are in a difficult situation or highly sensitive to seek a comfortable and safe way to gain clarity and guidance for themselves and others.

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