Custom Playing Cards Cardistry Experience XP2024

WJPC is honored to be the sponsoring printer of Custom playing cards for XP 2024 deck.

Join a Thriving Community of Cardists – Step into the world of Cardistry Experience 2024 and become part of a vibrant community. Connect with cardistry enthusiasts from around the globe, exchange ideas, and learn new techniques at Europe’s largest Cardistry convention. Embrace the art form, unlock your potential, and inspire others with your mesmerizing cardistry skills.


Custom Playing Cards Cardistry Experience

Product Details:


  • Card of deck: 56 cards per deck
  • Material: 300gsm German black core paper with linen
  • Size: 63x88mm, R3.5mm
  • Printing: 4C/4C printing for both sides
  • Surface finish: import butter varnishing for both sides

Paper Tuck Box:

  • Material: 300gsm white cardboard
  • Size: 65*90*17mm
  • Printing: 4C/0C printing with your design
  • Surface finish: soft touch matte lamination for outside of the box


  • 56 cards per deck will be packed into a box with cello wrap outside

Cardistry Experience is Europe’s largest Cardistry convention.

Cardistry is the performance art of the aesthetic manipulation of playing cards. In contrast to card magic, Cardistry is intended to be purely visually appealing and can be compared in pop culture to other subcultures such as skating.

Cardistry Experience is a 3-day event with 100 participants from over 12 different countries. New videos are screened, exciting presentations are held, new card decks are presented, and lots of ideas are exchanged.
The perfect event for card enthusiasts, those who would like to learn Cardistry, but also for people who are simply interested in learning something new and enjoy watching.


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