Arthur Rackham Custom Oracle Cards Personalized Deck Of Cards

This pair of custom oracle cards is themed on fairy tales, linking different fairy tale characters to the meaning of the oracle cards, making it perfect for tarot readers who love fairy tales and fantasy elements. In terms of product quality, it features a glossy finish and gold trim.


Arthur Rackham Custom Oracle Cards

About Cards

  • Size: 88 mm x 126 mm, round corner
  • Card per deck: 45 cards
  • Cardstock: 350gsm art paper (smooth finish)
  • Print: CYMK printing
  • Finish: gold edging

About Box

  • Box size: 88*126mm
  • Box type: custom lid bottom box
  • Paper material: 1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
  • Print: full-color printing
  • Finish: shiny lamination
Arthur Rackham Custom Oracle Cards5

Arthur Rackham was one of the most celebrated artists of the early 20th century. He created ethereal illustrations for books such as Rip Van Winkle, Peter Pan, and the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm that can easily transport the readers to a magical wonderland.

When Arthur Rackham is combined with the mystical oracle cards, you will take a fantastic journey into the realm of fantasy during divination and discover unexpected insights and inspirations.

Arthur Rackham Custom Oracle Cards Video Show


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