Osazkia Custom Oracle Cards Astrology Oracle Cards

Osazkia custom oracle cards astrology oracle cards are modernized Belline’s divination tradition, with beautiful unique patterns. The high glossy surface of the card with a gold edge finish is a striking reflection of the pattern, whicn can shock your vision.


About Cards 
TypeCustom oracle cards printing
Quantity56 cards per deck, astrology oracle deck
Material350gsm art paper (smooth finish)
Size88 mm x 126 mm, approx 3.5″ x 5″
PrintingCMYK printing for both sides
FinishGolden edging
About Box 
TypeCustom lid & bottom box
Material1200gsm gray cardboard paper+157gsm art paper
PrintingCMYK color printing
FinishShiny lamination
About Booklet 
TypeSaddle stitch booklets
Size88 mm x 126 mm
PrintingFull-color print, CMYK printing
FinishGloss lamination on covers
About PackageThe box is shrink-wrapped

Osazkia Custom Oracle Cards 5Osazkia Custom Oracle Cards 1Custom Oracle Cards Astrology Oracle Cards Introduction

The deck has a total of 56 cards that reveal every area of life: work, love, health, economy, friendship, study, family, and more. Draw inspiration from the cards’ surreal illustrations and use your latent imagination and creativity together.
Draw on the author’s intuitive and psychic abilities for learning and progressing on her spiritual path, under her guidance. The instruction booklet includes readings in 3 languages: French, English, and Spanish.

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