Custom Oracle Card Printing Yoga Meditation 350gsm Art Paper

These custom oracle card printing yoga cards & booklet contain Kundalini Yoga Meditations. It can be used intuitively, as a stand-alone practice, or incorporated with other techniques: meditation, tarot, yoga, and affirmation. These oracle cards deck can give you a guide to awakening your inner potential. Make your custom oracle cards printed professionally by the best card deck printer and manufacturer for wholesale or retail or self-practice or collection.


– 60 cards per deck
– 350gsm art paper
– Poker size, 63x88mm, 2.5″x3.5″
– 4C/4C, CMYK printing on both sides
– Glossy finish varnishing

– Custom lid&bottom box
– 1200gsm grey cardboard + 157gsm art paper
– 4C/0C, CYMK printing on a single side
– matte lamination finish

– Poker size, 63x88mm, 2.5″x3.5″
– Customized design pages
– CMYK printing
– Perfect binding glued bound

What is the purpose of Kundalini meditation?

This Kundalini Meditation Oracle is (or all those who have a deep love for meditation practices from Kundalini Yoga, but who often find themselves too busy and overwhelmed with the responsibilities of everyday life to pause and shift their attention to practice.

However, we all know that taking eleven minutes to meditate will boost our energy, improve our attention, and make us far more effective at whatever we are doing. This deck of cards is here to serve you in releasing the mind from making excuses or feeling lost between too many options.

We created this 60-card deck of cards to inspire you to delve into the unknown and trust the Universe’s guidance in providing you with your next meditative experience. Simply shuffle the cards and practice the Meditation that comes up, without overthinking, analyzing, or questioning.

Each of the 60 cards brings a specific Kundalini Yaga Meditation, associated with virtue and a yogic philosophy concept. This set also includes a 134-page guidebook with inspiration for your day and practice.

Top uses for The Kundalini Meditation Oracle include:

  • as an inspiration to look at virtue in yourself;
  • as a tool to encourage you to dive deep into key themes of yogic philosophy;
  • as a tool to find new and unexpected meditations;
  • as a starting point for your next meditation practice of 40,90 or 120 days.

If you are interested in the Kundalini Yoga training and courses, visit the Kundalini Research Institute to get more information.


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