Custom Magnetic Box Packaging Gift Box Flip Top Folding

The custom magnetic box is commonly used in high-end gift cards, card games, tarot cards, and affirmation cards. It is a structure with magnetic closure, which makes its side look like a fine and heavy book and has a flapping effect like reading a book. The material determines its hardness, stiffness, and resistance to compression, providing perfect and long-lasting protection for your cards, with sufficient weight and texture.


About box 
TypeCustom magnetic box oracle cards box
SizeCustomization needs
FitA deck of Tarot/Oracle sized cards
StructureOpens like a book on one side, called a magnetic book box.
Materialthick premium 100% recycled chipboard wrapped with art paper.
FinishCMYK + Matte lamination (smooth finish), more finish options.

Custom magnetic box printing 2

custom box finishing options


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