Custom Flashcard Game Print Flash cards Front and Back

Most Custom Flashcard Games are printed to teach young children language and math skills, but children’s social and emotional health is also very important. Create your own card design and give it to a professional flashcard maker and printer to help you finish printing.


About Cards 
TypeCustom flashcard game, Wonder kids cards
Material350gsm or 400gsm art paper cardstock
Sizecustom size, up to the customer’s design
Number of cards38 cards per deck
PrintingCMYK printing
Finishdouble-sided glossy varnish
About Box 
Typecustom tuck box
Material300gsm white cardboard
PrintingCMYK color printing
Finishdouble-sided glossy lamination

Custom Flashcard Game Wonder Kids Cards 4

Custom Flashcard Game Wonder Kids Cards 7

Custom flashcard game – Wonder Kids Cards

You will be happy when your child learns the alphabet, math counting, and rhyme. What about the values that lay the foundation for their life after school and as adults? If you care about your child’s social and psychological development, this flashcard is perfect for you.

The game is a set of 38 flashcards, with questions on one side and affirmations on the other. Just unpack, mix and ask questions. Flip the cards and discuss the answers.

They will help your child build confidence and learn how to communicate with others in life in a better and more meaningful way. Most importantly, this set of custom flashcard game is very effective in cultivating a strong character for your child.

As an added benefit, you gain a unique sense of intimacy and understanding with your child while playing games!

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