Connections Card Game Printing Custom Card Box with Dividers

Play to Flourish is a prime example of connections card game printing. A purpose-driven card game designed to help you start stimulating relationship-building conversations, breaking down communication barriers, and cultivating connections, openness and vulnerability. It is a card game that is worth playing.


Connections Card Game Printing Details

  • Card deck quantity: 80 cards, consisting of 80 questions and wildcards.
  • Cardstocks material: 350gsm art paper, optional 300gsm and 400gsm 
  • Card size: customizable size game cards
  • Card finish options: glossy or matte lamination
  • Packaging components: personalized lid & bottom box with layer dividers

How to play the connections card game?

After player a draws a card, player B answers. After playing ten cards, you can bring in five reward questions at will. Then enter the next level.

Be sure to separate a pile of used cards to avoid confusion. Your emotions are effective! Take turns. Take your time and see where a card can take you.

A good question can be the tiny spark that brings back memories and ignites a forest fire of thoughts, ideas, and personal revelation. “We all need to talk to each other; We all need to be sharing our stories more.” Let us dig deeper into a conversation long overdue. If you are interested in this deck, you can buy it from the shop.


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