City of Mirrors Playing Cards Cyberpunk

Dive into the neon-lit urban fantasy with the City of Mirrors Playing Cards. Crafted for those who cherish a fusion of cyberpunk aesthetics and superior craftsmanship, these cards are a tribute to technicolor dreamscape visions. A vivid purple dominates, complemented by lenticular magic that morphs the cityscape as you tilt the cards.

Collectors and players, get ready to shuffle through a dystopian marvel. The deck features unique building-themed back designs and court cards adorned with iconic landmarks. The City of Mirrors is not just a deck of cards but a passage to an alternate, awe-inspiring cyber realm.


City of Mirrors Playing Cards Cyberpunk

  • Captivating Cyberpunk Aesthetics:
    Step into a mesmerizing cyberpunk world with Rainbow HOLO Playing Cards. Inspired by dystopian sci-fi and artistry, the vibrant purple color theme and lenticular printing on the tuck case create a captivating illusion of ever-shifting cityscapes illuminated by neon lights.
  • Dynamic Lenticular Printing:
    The intricately crafted slits on the tuck case of Rainbow HOLO Playing Cards feature a lenticular printing pattern. As you adjust the viewing angle, different corners of the cityscape emerge, showcasing the transformation of buildings in an immersive visual experience that reflects the essence of the cyberpunk genre.
  • Seamless Fusion of Colors and Architecture:
    The back design of the cards seamlessly blends the vibrant purple hues, mirroring the buildings depicted on the tuck case. This fusion highlights the contours and differences between architectural structures, creating an aesthetically pleasing representation of the dynamic urban landscape.
  • Unique Face Cards with Iconic Landmarks:
    The face cards of Rainbow HOLO Playing Cards have undergone a thoughtful redesign, incorporating elements of the cyberpunk genre. Each court card features iconic landmarks adorning towering skyscrapers, instantly recognizable and adding an extra layer of immersion to your card games. Immerse yourself in this captivating fusion of urban landscapes and technological wonders.

Product Details:

  • Produced by TCC Playing Cards Co.
  • Lenticular printing on the Tuck Case
  • Standard poker size, 63*88 mm
  • Includes 52 cards, 2 Jokers, and 2 AD cards


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