Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges

Discover the ultimate sophistication with Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges. Each card is made with the finest quality and features stunning green gilded edges that echo the beauty of the Lebanese cedar. The deck comes in a majestic matte tuck box with cedar tree motifs, showcasing the fusion of culture and art.

Treat yourself to the charm of Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges. This casino-grade deck offers exceptional performance for magicians and cardists of all levels. The deck also includes a triple tuck box case and exclusive magical cues, making it an ideal option for poker lovers who want both elegance and functionality.


Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges

  • Unmatched Quality:
    Experience the unparalleled quality of Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges. Each card is meticulously edged with a light green gild, reflecting the vibrancy of Lebanese cedar and adding an exquisite touch to your gameplay.
  • Cultural Reflection & Artistic Innovation:
    Immerse yourself in the fusion of cultural motifs and artistic innovation with the Cedars Playing Cards. The Dabke-themed Court Cards and intricate cedar tree embellishments on the Ace of Spades pay homage to Lebanese heritage while adding a touch of elegance to your card games.
  • Specifications Built for Performance:
    Designed for optimal performance, these casino-quality playing cards are printed on premium German Black Core Paper with a butter finish. The 300gsm stock offers a professional feel, ensuring smooth handling and precise control in every game you play.
  • Commitment to Culture & Heritage:
    Embrace the spirit of resilience and celebrate Lebanese pride with Cedars Playing Cards Green Gilded Edges. This deck stands as a testament to the profound legacy of the Lebanese people, conceived amidst challenges, and serves as a beacon of inspiration and hope for all who appreciate art and heritage.

Product details:

  • Customized ARRCO court cards and pips
  • Fully customized Ace of Spades
  • 300gsm German black core paper + Butter finish
  • Two-card back design
  • 52 cards + 2 custom double diptych Jokers + double backer + blank card
  • Tuck case features a matte finish
  • Mesmerizing green gilding
  • Embossing on the front, back, sides, and the flap


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