Plain Plastic Box With Thumb Cuts

The HD and hard plain plastic boxes are all made of non-toxic and high-quality plastic. Their lids come with thumb cuts at both ends, which is an important detail that not only facilitates opening the box, but also demonstrates the professional, practical and meticulous attitude of the products.


TypePlain plastic box with thumb cuts
Size2.25″x3.5″ (57×89mm), 2.48″x3.46″ (63×88mm), 2.5″x3.5″ (63.5×89mm), any customization sizes
Fit55 Bridge/Poker sized cards
StructureCan be divided into two parts(a top cover and a base), and includes 2 thumb cuts.
MaterialGood clear plastic

Plain plastic box with thumb cuts1 Plain plastic box with thumb cuts3

Plain Plastic Box With Thumb Cuts Application

Plain plastic boxes are one of your most reliable means of storing, sorting and transporting cards or other small items. Their completely transparent nature can help you save time and money spent on packaging design and successfully display your core product, the cards.


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