Body Sense Feeling Deck Emotional Study Cards for Mental Health

This Body Sense Feeling Deck of 42 cards is an original creation, designed and researched by Studio Pandemonia, and printed by WJPC. The deck comes with a booklet included.

“If you’re willing to invest a little time in yourself, you can learn to master your moods more effectively, just as an athlete who participates in a daily conditioning program can develop greater endurance and strength.” – David D. Burns


Body Sense Feeling Deck on Kickstarter

Inspired by the research study ‘Maps of Subjective Feelings’, this deck combines iconic body language of emotions with the neural sensations of 100 distinct feelings mapped and compared in the human body.

The result is a quick and easy reference tool for emotion identification. The creator of the deck also studied the Emotion Wheel by Robert Plutchik and attempted to update the concept with new scanning technology.

The 40 feelings in the deck are based on comparisons between various versions of the emotion wheel, investigating core emotions, their derivatives, relationships between them, and acute vs. chronic states. Each emotion is paired with an eminent psychology researcher who has authored a book on the recommended reading list. Affiliate links support the project, and each book is rated at least 4.5 stars.

The creator of the deck delved into questions about where emotions are felt in the body, the physical symptoms experienced when feeling emotions, the hormones, neurotransmitters, and parts of the brain involved with particular feelings, and how emotions can inform and guide us without overwhelming us and distorting our actions.

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Body Sense Feeling Deck on Kickstarter

Body Sense Feeling Deck on Kickstarter


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